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Alnico Revelator?

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So Wilson Audio has a new mid they call Quadramag. They say it has an alnico magnet. Looks like a revelator. Is there any objective benefit to alnico? I’ve only ever heard they lose strength over time, combined with a bunch of subjective stuff. Am I missing something?


  • Generally speaking, they fall between rare earth and ceramic for "strength", so there is likely a measurable difference. Whether that difference is euphonic is arguable.

    Manufacturers stopped using it due to the stability issue, but I doubt a Wilson buyer gives two shits if he has to send his drivers in periodically to get re-gaussed. 
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  • Thanks, I did not know they were stronger than ceramic.
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    Alnico is expensive, cobalt used in the alloy is in short supply (which also threatens electric cars).

    It is also more powerful than ceramic, but mostly pointless for a hifi speaker. Alnico is popular for guitar speakers, as it can act as a built in compressor. As alnico heats due to driving a speaker hard, it will drop in magnetic strength. The motor strength will come back once it cools down. Neo magnets will have this effect as well, but at higher temperatures.
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