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Crossover prototype board?

Anyone have a good idea on a voicing board? Something with all kinds of values that I can just use jumpers on. I’m about $30 deep this month breaking cap leads off. I searched but didn’t find any discussions in here.  Thanks!


  • I bought a bunch of those terminals, laid them out in the crossover outline, then easy swappy components.
  • Good idea. Never thought of it like that.
  • Wago connectors work very well. 
  • I like the wago idea.  I also like soldering just the ends without twisting the leads.  Generally I'm not bending the leads much and I'm guaranteed of a good connection   I use a euro terminal strip for connecting the prototype x-o to the speaker leads.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I use wire nuts. 
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    I use DSP. With a little work you can get a miniDSP to produce a very close match to the passive crossover transfer function, or with SoundEasy you can simply simulate the exact transfer function in software, using your PC as a DSP.
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