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Fountek FR88EX Fullrange review

Fountek FR88EX Fullrange review.

Cliff's notes:  Low sensitivity.  Ok midrange.  Bad outside of this.  Some pretty wild FR for a "fullrange" above beaming.   High HD below 300hz; use a crossover for sure no lower than this.  And HD around the breakup regions.  All these comments are pretty typical of *most* fullrange drivers and why I don't use them myself unless there's a real need.  YMMV.    


  • Cliff's notes....

  • Moral of the story: Next time I'll say "Kliff".    :D
  • Ha! I thought it didn't post so I did it again, didn't realize it was two different posts.😛
  • Hi Erin

    Thanks for posting the reviews. I used to visit your earlier site, but always had a difficult time understanding kippel analysis. Is there a primer somewhere - I know you don't put your thoughts around the curves - maybe that's a suggestion too?

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback.

    Yea, I plan to either make a video or attempt to have a succinct write-up on things to look for in these reviews.  I try to cover the high points with the data in my "Wrap-Up" section but I tend not to delve too far in to the measurements because, frankly, I don't always understand every implication that may be there and I think it's better to not speak on something I don't know than pretend like I do.
  • Hi Erin,

    I was reading the "Test Methods" section on your website and was wondering if you are using the same IEC test baffle as listed in the Legacy Review section?    I am currently building a DIY IEC test baffle for my own use at home and was wondering what your thoughts are on the baffle size needed to get good measurements.  Thanks.   Bill

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