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Soon as I can comfortably walk...

...I'm gonna make a heap of sawdust. 

My healing is going ok - I've actually dropped weight in quarantine/convalescence. That's pretty cool. There are three reasons:

1. Not a lot of beer has been passing these lips. A variety of reasons, initially due to the amount of medication I was taking to manage pain, and now because I have kind of lost interest in drinking for the time being. 
2. My wife won't go and buy me all the junk food I am used to. I am considering leaving her as a result. (just kidding, Mrs. JR is the best wife ever).
3. I have been walking a lot. Crutches slow me down, of course, but if I keep my immobilizer on I and watch where I am going I have been able to get up to 4.3 miles as of yesterday. The limiting factor right now is Mrs. JR - she is not a walker. The crutches introduce an element of shoulder/arm workout as well. 

So yeah, losing weight is not a bad thing. 

Back to the real reason I am making this post...

I am jealous of everyone using their time to make stuff. I do not even have the garage unpacked yet. That alone is gearing up to be a two week project all on its own. In the meantime, I have to get strong, get flexibility back in my knee before I tackle that one. I have been doing some DIY planning, but not much as my real computers are still packed up (I am typing this on the workstation I set up here at home using the shitty Dell laptop work provided me. Ugh), but I managed to install WBCD and played with alignments for those "Peerless" buyout subs. That is a very promising project.

In my mind, I am running through a lot of exciting projects, some of which I may actually do. I grabbed a pair each of the Dynavox 6.5" honeycomb woofers and the Dynavox tweeter from Newark, if they work worth a shit together I will present it to PE as a potential kit. There seems to be a lot of interest in the brand, and I have heard enough designs using the woofers at this point to get a feel for them. I think PE could move them if there was a simple to replicate design available and there was a discount applied. The tweeter looks a little too "Morelly" for my taste, but the woofer is absolutely beautiful. Shame to hide that nice ass inside a box. 

I have started drawing up plans for a statement/reference design using some pretty high end stuff. I have spoken of it in the past, but essentially it will be an 8" 3-way using the fancy pants woven CF Rival woofers and mids, and the waveguide version of the big Viawave tweeter. I gave up finding a high end midrange that will have the sensitivity to match a pair of the Rival 8" (without going into the world of ugly-ass PA drivers, that is), so I will be using a single woofer instead. I will likely be contracting cabinet work to someone as I plan on it being pretty sophisticated and I do not want to fuck it up. This woofer should play flat to the low 30's in a tower. I doubt this one will ever leave the house after completion, I anticipate some heft to the cabinets - but if you are ever in Sioux Falls, stop by and listen. I may also decide to go full active and use the pair of 8" anyways. 

A much less fancy build I have been planning involves the PE tower flat pack kit, a pair of Rival 7" poly woofers per side, and that bigass Beston ribbon. Nothing special beyond careful crossover work, and they will likely be sealed due to the very high compliance on the Rivals. This will be more of a highish-end design that is more portable for hauling hundreds of miles, plus a chance to see if the stupid money I paid for the Bestons is worth it over, say, high end SS or SB dome tweeters. 

Those are the two for sure I will be completing this year, I am a little pissed off that I fell down and shredded a knee (although the scar is pretty impressive) but life happens and we move on. I am grateful to my wife for nursing me through the worst of it - after my surgery I literally did not sit up for three days. I tried a few times, but any movement caused agony to the point of passing out one time. Pain meds at a safe dosage really do not work too well on me - but I had one of those portable IV drips of some kind of novocaine derivative injected directly above my knee. Still, holy shit. She answered my texts at 3AM, emptied my pee jug, tried to keep me fed and hydrated and sat with me when I needed someone. Mrs. JR deserves an award for simply being married to me - her nursing through this goes above and beyond. The first time I sat up after the surgery was one of the three or four most overwhelming moments of my life. 

Stay safe, stay flexible, and watch those stairs. 

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  • Hope your recovery goes smoothly!

    I like the idea of a HiVi kit, be nice to see something different like that.
  • Thank you. 
    I'll be working on a Dynavox, though ;-)
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  • Ha! Yeah, that’s what I meant. Not sure why I typed hivi, lol.
  • The scar is pretty awesome ;)
  • You can't keep a good man down. I'm sure you'll be shuffling around the garage in no time! I want to hear those honeycomb drivers. The poly cone version surprised me quite a bit and I've heard those yellow beauties are even better.
  • JR, glad to hear you are healing up well.
  • JR, what did you tear up?  Sorry I'm not in the loop on your injury, but wish you the best.....
  • Detached left patellar tendon, and tore acl and mcl while I was at it. 
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  • Sorry brother!!  If you are mildly aggressive with rehab you should come back even stronger.  Good luck and can't wait to see you back at it.
  • edited April 22
    We'll see, long road to recovery. Three hour surgery, holes drilled on my kneecap. I'll be happy walking more or less normal by the end of June. 
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  • Yeah, that kneecap gonna take a bit of time.  After both my acl's when that nerve block wore off, yowzers, but I think I was attempting to walk normal in a week or two.  The patella though taking a lot of force in sure takes time.  
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