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Scanspeak 22w/8534g00

Does anyone have firsthand experience with these woofers? I can't find them tested anywhere extensively for FR and distortion, and wonder how they compare to other drivers I have easy access to like Dayton rs225s-8, Peerless 830869 nomex (non-hds), and SB20pfc30-4. Any experiences would be much appreciated! 


  • I'm think for the most part many of the Scan Speak Discovery woofers are the same motor design as the old Vifa PL and M series drivers, but with different soft parts.

    The peerless 830869 is the HDS woofer, for an 8" I would probably take it over a Discovery. The Discovery line does have 10" drivers though which are pretty compelling for a 3-way
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  • Thanks for that... only the 8" is compellingly priced, so if it's not better than what I've got on hand, I'll give it a miss! I have at least one pair of the mentioned drivers already. 
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