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My InDIYana 2020 build (I hope to go)

I like how these are turning out so I'd thought I'd share.  Still need more assembly before I get to hear them.  Probably call them Linkwitz tribute speakers or mini LX521

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  • Thanks to Ani for the RS100P and Ben for the ND20FB
     John H, btw forum has decided I don't get emails
  • I like. 
  • These are tiny... !!! How are you getting any bass our of them?
  • More to come... F3 of 40
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  • Those are totally bitchin!!! 
  • Wow those are great!
  • Excellent job John!  Eager to find out more.
  • Those look really nice.  I'm just happy to see more open baffle bass in the mix.
  • Those look great, John! Are they meant for free-standing on stands, or on the floor?
    Look like ND90 or ND91, but I would hope more for ND105.
    Can we see the backs?
  • BTW, where did '521' come from anyway? 5 dual-radiation-drivers, 2 tweeters, and 1 system?

    In that case for a name- 4 drivers, 1 tweeter(?), and 1 system?
    Nah- 411 has been used by Keith Kidder some many years ago. 4 woofers, 1 mid, one tweeter.

    A play on structure perhaps-
    90 or right-angle V for the woofers, variant-edge for diffraction reduction midrange and same for tweeter.
    "Right Drifters" (I hope you can see how I pulled that from the agendas.)
  • John mentioned that the mid is a RS100P, so judging from the picture I'd guess ND105's with a custom round trim ring and the fugly plated magnets sprayed satin black.  I love the contrast between the light colored wood and the black drivers and trim pieces.  But what is going on above the ND20FB?  Does Mel approve?
  • Nice work John!
  • The real speaker is Linkwitz's LX521 here
    and here

    So this is a tribute to SL's design.  Years ago I got SL's permission to make this speaker.  His biggest warning was "it's not going to sound the same" 

    Anyway the woofers are generation-1 ND91s with an AL trim ring.  I'll post some more pictures later.  Melody likes the speaker but is not sure about the stands

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  • What's the fake tweeter done with?
  • Ink jet slide off decal paper.  I can send you a sheet if you want to try it out
     John H, btw forum has decided I don't get emails
  • I meant more like- what is the naming scheme for the LX521- er- why did he call/name it that?
    I like the design, and it really looks great.
  • edited May 2020
    From SL's website:

    "I changed the project name to LX21 as this experiment might now become my 21st completed loudspeaker design. After several iterations I found on 5/21/12 a baffle shape that worked well with SEAS CA22RNX and FU10RB drivers."


    "For its sonic qualities, wide range of applications and an important date in its development, I call it the LX521 Reference Loudspeaker. 

    After listening to a great variety of good, bad and so-so stereo recordings I am tempted to call it MAGIC521. The music comes through!"
  • In a week we can all celebrate LX521 day!
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • I'm adding a few drawings to document the build here.

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  • Can you show us the physical xover photo? It's obvious WHY they are in the bases... That's a doozy and reminds me of me...

  • BTW- is the large LCR on the woofers a cavity resonance killer?

  • Cool build John!

  • The spilt inductors on the woofers allowed me to keep the BBC dip while bring up the response to 1K for a better match with the mid. I'll see if I can find a picture. I know I have a drawing.

     John H, btw forum has decided I don't get emails
  • .....that John...he's so crafty!
    Cool speaker man👍🏻

  • So that is why these sounded so good. Control the mid-range glare with split inductors. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the docs. Wicked crossover!

    But Chahly - Stahkist don't want speakers that look good, Stahkist wants speakers that sound good!
  • Very nice mini linkwitz lx521. sounds and looks great - the woofer mounting look was surprising!

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