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Nice stuff for sale...

...preferably in Iowa.
On my phone, be patient. Still have not set up a real work station in new house. All new unless otherwise indicated.

2x 8" aluminum cone Rival. $120

2x 7" uncoated kevlar Rival. Not the alum dustcap version. $85

2x 7" Tang Band sammich cone. I removed beauty ring and grill on one, but cone is hideous looking. Will need reattached. $120

2x Tymphany DX25BG60 beast mode tweeters and some Visaton wave guides. One tweeter is fully broken in. $50

2x SB 5" black aluminum cone. $75

2x 7" Rival aluminum cone $85

2x 7" Rival poly cone $85

2x 4.5" Rival aluminum cone $55

There may be others. I might be talked into shipping stuff, but rather deliver in person. 

All three of the Rival aluminum cone are cosmetic matches, mix and match on a 3-way. 

This move demonstrated to me that I have a hoarding problem. I am keeping a significant number of high end drivers, as well. Enough to keep me busy for years. 
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  • Which model are the Rival Kevlar?  I've been looking for a second pair of KJ-08
  • I don't know. 
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  • I'll take the DX25BG60 and Rival Poly cone woofers.
  • Jr, can you put my name on the SB's?  Happy to send money early...
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Will do guys. 
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  • If you decide to ship, I'd be interested in the aluminum 4½" and 8".  With work just getting going again and being a bit leery of bringing the virus home, it's doubtful I'll make a meet this year, unless of course, they find a cure for the virus.     
  • I wish I lived a bit closer :'(
  • Backup interested in both the SB and Rival mids if offers fall through. 
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Just gonna throw this out to ya, JR, if you ever think of selling the Rival CF 8's...I WANT!
  • Those are crazy good prices.
  • 2x 7" uncoated kevlar Rival. 
    I really want these... Do we know when Iowa is?
  • OK guys, will update shortly.

    I might ship if I get far enough ahead on organizing/cleaning the house/garage.

    Iowa will be in October, we are currently discussing how best to proceed. 
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