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Settling on a concept

So, I am getting closer to the point that I can make some sawdust - plus a local friend just bought a 4x8 and a 4x4 CNC that he is wanting to put to work. The 4x4 has a 4-axis head on it, so there is some possibility for making the facets I want. Anyways. 

I think the big Viawave loaded in a waveguide will offer enough sensitivity to do a 2.5 TMM with the 8" CF Rival woofers, and play low enough to blend well. I am still doing some ciphering on that combo, but I believe it will yield a very high-end tower capable of playing below 30Hz etc. Alternatively, I have those hugeass Beston things that would work from a sensitivity and playing low enough perspective. Benefit to those is they are already loaded into a waveguide. 

Another alternative is to go sealed with the 8" (approximately 50-55Hz with a Q of 0.7), and fill out the bottom octave or so with the "Scan Speak" 10" subs I bought. 

Anyways, this is a place holder for an eventual build thread. Even if I could finish by Iowa - I won't be hauling them anywhere. 
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  • what's the cnc with the 4 axis head?

    The designs look good.... I am planning to get the SRT-7, but not sure about the waveguide or how low it can be pushed. Did you explore that option? Going 1600-1800 would be ideal for me in waveguide with the SRT-7 provided that distortion doesn't get out of shape.
  • JR, have you thought about having the wave guid cnc cut into the baffle? That would be a super clean look. This might open up some options for better ctc spacing while still having the wave guid. 
  • I'm not sure, I like the monococque cabinet approach. Removable panels just don't sit right with me. 
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  • I was thinking something like the Dutch and Dutch 8c. Make that in solid 8/4 walnut would be epic!
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