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OT: Chicago/ Ohare Quarantine / Travel through (Minnesota / Wisconsin / Illinois)

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I need to get to O'hare in a few weeks to drop off my Mom. Was wondering about the ground realities of Chicago's travel quarantine.

I would be driving from Minnesota via Wisconsin, going to be in Wisconsin only the amount of time it takes to get through plus a few breaks, so definitely less than 24 hours. Since this is still a couple of weeks off I am not sure if either Minnesota or Wisconsin will get on the list.

Anybody has any experience or insight into the quarantine and if i would be able to access O'Hare airport? I would be coming in from the West, so wouldn't be getting into Chicago City proper, but O'Hare seems to be part of Chicago City Limits. I might spend the night in a west suburb hotel, or just drop her off and get out depending on the situation.

any insight would be helpful.


  • I believe that Wisconsin has been taken off of the Chicago quarantine list, so as of right now, you should be fine. I don't think they were really enforcing it anyway.

  • Hey Ani. Several of my business contacts are flying in and out of Chicago without any issues. O’Hare is definitely open for business. I’m sure they have updated COVID guidelines on the website.

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  • Thanks, that helps.

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