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Morel CAM 558 and 18Sound XT1464 Horns FS

Hey, selling 2 items:

1) Pair of Morel CAM 558. Only put in for testing. One does have some wrinkles around the sticker (nothing impacting usage). $90 + shipping

2) Pair of 18sound XT1464 horns (1.4in) These are new-in-box. Never opened. $55 + shipping


  • edited October 26

    I'll take the horns... 55446


  • Those CAM558 are really great sounding mids! I love them in my Gormacho project (which we listen to every night). lf I didn't have so many other drivers waiting in the que, I'd snatch up your pair.

  • I agree, those CAMs are great.

  • Ok, I made a huge mistake. I meant to say $55 each so $110 total.

  • I was thinking about going for the 558's, then I took a look at the pile of nice midranges in my current inventory that need some attention.... If I was banned from ever buying any more drivers, I would not run out of interesting things to build for at least a decade or two.

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  • @e6zion said:
    Ok, I made a huge mistake. I meant to say $55 each so $110 total.

    No worries, but I need to go back to the maybe camp, at 110 plus shipping is not looking viable for me right now.

  • How low does the CAM 558 go? Decent XO point?

  • Most xover about 850Hz or higher, with the typical being 900Hz.

  • @ani_101 said:
    How low does the CAM 558 go? Decent XO point?

    I just finished a 3 way with the CAM558 as mids, and crossed them about 800. Distortion test at a highish SPL showed no distortion issues, although "cranking" up the volume reveals some distress.

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  • I chose 900 Hz and 4 kHz for my Gormachos.

  • Sold to Ani.

  • Oh Ani... ;)

  • I have a fealing Ani has a stash that would make Tom Selleck jealous.

  • Me too!

  • Just some odds n ends... Trying to make a set, but nothing seems to go with anything!

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