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Online cut sheet app

Don't know if anyone has used this online app before, but it sure is quick & easy.



  • NICE! Thank you.

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Yep, that's the one I use when I need it. Works very well!

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • I use a separate stand alone program Cutlist400.exe A little clunky but it has been helpful

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I use the same app as John. You can download it at I'm old school and save the install program in case of computer upgrades.

  • I still like to get up early on a Saturday morning with a good cup of coffee, when the wife and kids are still sleeping, and sit at my workbench and figure out my cut sheet old school (manually).

  • Do you use a slide rule too? =)

  • Apparently I just blindly set the rip fence and make sawdust. The amount of scrap I generate is insane. Woodworking is not my forte.

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  • ^^^ The good this about speaker building is those scraps can become bracing, jigs, and sometimes even smaller speakers!

  • In my case, they often become the reasonmy garbage man earns a tip in November.

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  • I usually check out my leftover pieces in the garage and say "there we go, those will be the tops, bottoms, and rear panels". Then I figure out how much wood I need for the larger side panels. My baffles are usually removable and made from some nicer hardwoods. Cut sheet programs can't groove like that...

  • @Ed_Perkins said:
    Do you use a slide rule too? =)

    In a pinch...

  • With MDF I glue back together and reuse it. Speaking of which, on my center channel project the slot port was a crazy 3 inches to long, so I cut the entire speaker in half at the right port length and glued it back together.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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