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Dayton EMM-6 Electret Measurement Mic

For sale is a Dayton EMM-6 measurement microphone in great condition. Includes case, wind muffler and mic clip.

This is a great mic for taking measurements for speaker design, room EQ or any other audio analysis purpose. It is a surprisingly flat response microphone to 20kHz even without any calibration file. However, I wouldn't trust the supplied Dayton calibration at all, it's far too "noisy". I will provide the Dayton calibration file, but will also supply you with 2 alternative calibration options. One was made using a Dayton Omnimic as reference, and the other was made using a Line Audio OM1 as reference. Both are within about 0.5dB with the Omnimic cal providing a slight lift (0.5dB) in the upper mid / lower treble range, so you can decide which is more "correct". Because the mic is so flat as-is, the calibration is only providing about +/- 1dB of compensation, so the differences between them are fairly small overall.

Asking CAD$40. Expect shipping cost around $20 via Canada Post. It probably doesn't make sense to ship a low cost item like this internationally.

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