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Something fun to get out of the funk

RC SCX/24 scale C10 , blew my mind , didnt even knew something existed . Tried to copy the old high school truck that was stole from the the family farm recently.


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  • ignore the Poll ??

  • Love it!! I had a mini t or the Associated variant, lots of fun in a little package, but still think 10th scale is best balance.

    Sick paint work!!

  • Looks great!. How did you obtain the rustic paint job?

  • @ani_101 said:
    Looks great!. How did you obtain the rustic paint job?

    Laid down some paint then white primer over the paint , the paint doesnt cover like you think it would , it doesnt cover very well until you put white or black on top of it . I put some white over the paint let everything dry , sanded then went over everything with black using the airbrush

  • Its a ten footer

  • That looks great! I didn't even know Axial made 24th scale stuff. I do miss driving the SCXs in the woods with our youngest.

  • Dang, that's super cool. Freaking love RC cars!
    Kyosho mini Z's are a great small form RC platform. Can get a bit pricey, but what fun hobby isn't? Perfect for indoor or cold weather garage racing. Adam Malito and I were into 1/10 scale off road racing a lot years ago and these were a great way to have some fun in the winter at home.

  • The amount of detail on the licensed RC stuff is pretty cool. I have had my eye on the Traxxis TRX for a while now 😊

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