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Hey everyone,

My name is John and I live in West Michigan. I've been an audio fan all my life, looking forward to connecting with you guys.

Recently I've been making a hobby out of refitting old speakers locally and flipping them. I also record them and put the recordings up on Youtube if anyone wants to see what I've been working on:

As far as DIY goes, I have built 4 VBSS subs for my home theater and a Madeleine bluetooth speaker ( based on Overnight Sensations. I have ambitions to build a JBL 4367-inspired 15" 2-way at some point, and continue to refit vintage speakers.

Unfortunately I can't make Indiyana this year as I'm already booked that weekend, but I'm looking forward to future meetups. I attended a meetup with some guys from AVS 2 years ago and it was a blast.

Here's a current gear list in case anyone is interested.

Home theater:
110" DIY spandex screen
Epson Home Cinema 2030
Marantz SR6013
LCR DIYSG Fusion 12
SS DIYSG Volt 10
Front Height DIYSG Volt 10
Middle Height Micca M-8C
Subs 4@ VBSS, 2 behind screen and 2 end tables ()

Marantz PM7000N
Eosone RSF1000 (currently swapped for Cerwin Vega D-6E)
Dual 506 Turntable

Schiit Fulla 3
Audiosource AMP100VS
Eosone RSP910

Denon HEOS Link
Audiosource AD1002
Baby Advent II

Thanks for the invite Bryan!



  • Also if anyone is in the area of West Michigan and wants to show off their builds, I'd love to do a local meetup!

  • Michigan is a pretty busy place for DIY! Welcome aboard!

    I have a signature.
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