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New shop tool

At Menards today and this caught my eye:

Normally I block sand using 1/3 sheets adhesive backed and a block of MDF. This is probably better.

It was about $10, and the hook and loop 1/3 sheets are about $1/ea. Not too bad imo.

Anyways, all done DIY'ing today, time for beer.

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  • Billet
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  • How rigid is that sanding block? It looks a ton more egronomic than what I do (same as you use to do).

  • The edges (1/2" all around) are fairly compliant. The remainder is solid. The body is what I would consider medium density foam. Fits the hand well.

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  • I'll give Menards a look tomorrow for that.

  • My favorite general purpose sanding block is called prepping weapon, and it's actually for body work, but the velcro backed paper looks convenient.

  • This was worth every cent. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours helping my old man block sand cars - this thing is badass.

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  • Hmmmm...

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  • I bought this a couple weeks ago, and just got a chance to try it. All I can say is that I should have bought one years ago. I have always used wet diamond stones but this is so fast that I won't put off sharpening chisels and plane irons ever again. It also did a fantastic job on some scissors and knives.

  • Did you look at the Grizzly version?

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I did look at the Grizzly version as well as the Jet version, but both had mixed reviews and reports of grinding wheel wobble. In contemplating which to buy, I decided on the Tormek, because sharpeners are all they make, and I generally don't care about the warranty, but I like that they have enough confidence in their product to guarantee it for eight years. So yes I spent a good bit of money, but I will probably never have to buy another one.

  • Tormek is very good. I've had it in the shop for a few years.

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