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LaVoce WAN123.00 12" Neodymium Woofer 8 Ohm $85 on Clearance. Good Deal?

Hello, I am thinking of making party speakers. Something like a ION speaker, Only good. I was watching the Dayton Pro 12" woofer as a great budget driver for this but the price keeps climbing. $99 currently. Looking for alternatives I ran across this LaVoce 12" woofer. Specs are better and the price seems very good for a pro Neodymium driver. WinISD shows a F3 of 56hz in a 1.75cf box tuned to 54hz. 114db at 100 watts and 500 watt power handling before hitting xmax.
I would plan the cross this over to a horn at around 1500 hz.

The question is would this work? Is it a good value?



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