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Online Xover Design Application

After years in this hobby, I still haven't wrapped my head around crossover design, but I'd really like to. So... I have "slack time" at work quite often. I can't load any of the crossover design programs on my work computer, but it would be nice to use my slack time to play around with designing crossovers. Is there a web-based design program or something similar? I'm not talking about the online crossover calculators, but something that can actually help a guy learn this magic-voodoo-witchcraft-mumbo-jumbo... :)
Even an app for a Kindle or other tablet would be good.


  • Hi Mike,

    Since no one else has jumped in, let me take a stab at this one.  To my knowledge,  what you are looking for simply does not exist.   All of the packages out there require downloading, installing, and using the package off-line.   So, what I would do is this:

    1)  Pick up an old, used laptop that originally came with Excel 2003/2007  pre-loaded onto it.
    2)  Download and install all the Bagby software (PCD, Blender, BDBS, etc) onto this laptop.
    3) Wait for the OmniMic/DATS V3 bundle to go on sale again (currently, too high), then pick it up.  Or pick up a used OmniMic/DATS V2 combo somewhere and install it on the laptop.
    4) Download and install XSim, WinISD, VirtuixCAD, and dlr's PCD & Winfilters onto the laptop.
    5)  At home, build your box, mount your drivers, and then take your FRD and ZMA measurements using this laptop.
    6)  Bring the laptop to your place of work and then, when you experience another "slack time" situation, simple boot this laptop and start designing a crossover using the measurements that you have made previously at home.
    I know that this is not what you are looking for, but it is the only idea or workaround that I can come up with. :'(


  • I'm wondering if Mr. Ralph (I think?) could export his WinPCD as a web based application?

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  • If you can't find an online program you might look at online YouTube tutorials. You won't be able to play with the software but you can watch other people play with the software.


  • I found it useful to read and electrical circuit filter book then try out filters (crossovers) in XSim and PCD.

    Best tool is building speakers. There's a learning curve for measuring. Each simulation program has a learning curve. Then there's the listening and tweaking that makes you go back through the measuring and simulating creating depth of knowledge.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Thanks for the replies!

  • See chapter 8 on filters. Other good stuff too.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • There's always virtual PC that you can run off a usb stick - some work laptops disable usb ports - so that might not work then... else try a windows tablet - but they are pretty slow and archaic to be of any use - a surface is too expensive for just this but otherwise very nice.

  • @jr@mac said:
    I'm wondering if Mr. Ralph (I think?) could export his WinPCD as a web based application?

    I thought that was one of his design goals with that software. I never looked into it because I was proficient with PCD and then jumped right to VituixCAD.

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