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Metranoma radio ?

Dad just brought this over , suppose to be a radio ? Havent had a chance to research it yet. I guess there is a tube inside , if there is Im not sure what its purpose it yet. Cool little wood enclosure , not bakelite.

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    Quick internet search says its a metronome.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
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    Here is a youtube video of the 1960's bakelite version of this unit. Your unit appears to be a much older 1930's one with the wooden cab. From what I can tell, these older units are considered "rare" and probably worth alot more. In the vid, he did a patent search and found a schematic, so you might be able to find a schematic by doing a 1930's patent search.
    Whatever you do, please be very, very careful with this unit if you decide to plug it in. It may very well be a "hot" chassis type design.



  • Interesting , tube is 2051 and check this out , looks like an exciter pushing against some sort of fiber board.

  • dB nailed it , tube driven metronome. The volume pot is shot , just spins . Ill dig into it some more this week when Im off.

  • Cool. Looks like they go for about $25 on ebay

  • Ignore the volume pot comment , its a tension knob that adjusts the "exciter" tension against the fiber board.
    Yeah not a huge score Bill but seems simple enough to monkey with. Direct ground chassis from what Ive been reading , no ground power cable :#

  • The Metronome may not look that exciting on it's own, but you just have to get creative with it. Here's some madness where a pendulum (for syncing old commercial building clocks) is used as a clock source for synthesizers.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
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