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Look What I Found - Possible Veneer . . .

Hiking in the woods on friends place yesterday and we came across this dead tree - I HAD to have it and we harvested it - I was all excited about putting it through my new band saw until I tried to pick it up - It took the two of us to load it into the truck :pensive:





It appears to be quite hard/dense wood - species, unknown - hopefully any rot is is small . . . Damn heavy too.

Any of you guys have experience with this stuff?


  • Not sure where you are, but possibly the motherlode of emerald ash borer? JK (sort of), but in many places transporting freshly cut wood is a big no-no.

  • Looks like an oak burl to me. Based on my experience with raw wood, I hope this is something special inside.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • That’s a girthy growth you’ve got there. I suppose you have to take it to someone that can cut it down into smaller manageable chunks and dry it out. Hopefully there’s some nice patterned wood inside. Kind of like cutting into a geode, you don’t know if there’s pretty crystals inside or just a boring rock until you cut into it.

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  • Most of the time burl has to be cut thin enough to stabilize. Often their are a lot of voids that need to be filled as well. Tune your bandsaw and cut as thin as possible while it is wet. Stack and dry as slow as possible. Condition, stabilize, apply and enjoy.

  • @Turn2 said:
    Not sure where you are, but possibly the motherlode of emerald ash borer? JK (sort of), but in many places transporting freshly cut wood is a big no-no.

    Yes. Here, transporting firewood across county lines is a no no.

  • Burl goodness right there.

    Firewood is a big no-no here, as well, due to the prevalence of ash trees everywhere and that pesky little beetle.

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  • I'm just a recluse who has run away from the socialism of CAN to the rural South and moved as far away as I can from the cities after working in them and saving all my life.

    Gathering firewood is a way of life out here . . . I am in the sticks surrounded by young socialized inbred rednecks with smart phones.


  • You should burn the sticks too ya know. They're wood too! Shouldn't give preferential treatment to other firewood.


  • We call that ^ "Kindling" . . .


  • Oh! Looking forward to seeing what that looks like when cut open :)

  • Oldloader on PETT tells me it is Black Cherry burl and I am leaning in that direction as the wood as cut-off at the stem has a sweet smell and nothing like oak that I am familiar with around here - the trunk bark is definitely not oak and unlikely to be Ash.

    It'll be a long while before I cut into this thing as it needs to dry out more and I suspect that there is soft/rotten wood through it's core at this point but maybe there will be enough good solid burl for some speaker top inlays later.

    I'll dredge this thread back up eventually with an update.

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