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Toslink to 5.1 channel audio convertor recommendations with MiniDSP DDRC-88A . . .

OK, feeling a little cocky with my recent Mini DSP 4x10 stereo project success and have my sights set on cleaning up my home theater setup.

Can anyone direct me to a a solid and reliable Toslink to 5.1 channel audio convertor so I can start to assemble a solution?

Thanks in advance - need more info? Please ask.

I'll post my results here.




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    Why toslink?

    What you're looking for is an AVR or pre-pro.. Spdif only supports 2 channel of uncompressed audio, so 5.1 has to be Dobly Digital or DTS type of encoding.

    Besides, the DDRC-88A is requiring you to go from digital - analog - digital - analog. My OCD brain would not like that, so DDRC-88D makes more sense, which I would expect can be coupled with U-DIO8 for a multichannel USB solution.

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • OK, I had incorrectly assumed that the Toslink connection contained the 5.1 audio signal.

    Your suggested solution is full of balanced connectors which is a deal breaker for me, unfortunately.

    Thanks, though . . .

  • I am trying to add individual speaker channel EQ to an existing AVR (Yamaha HTR-5540).

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    Connecting $1000 of DSP to a $100 AVR...Time to get a better AVR with 5.1 analog out. Of course if Dirac is what you're after, go for a AVR with Dirac already included and skip the miniDSP.

    Not sure how a toslink connection was going to come out of the HTR-5540...

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • Thanks for humoring me, dcibel.

    I am starting to understand . . .

  • Hey, Looks like the current Yamaha HTR-5540 has 6 channel audio input so the amp becomes a potential dual 3-way amp. So . . . I can recycle it as the amp taking input from the MiniDSP-4x10 outs and doing XO duty for my next stereo 3-way speaker project!!


    Or would the center and sub inputs be handled differently by the amp than the mains and surrounds???


  • From the manual:

    "When you select 6CH INPUT as the input source, this unit
    automatically turns off the digital sound field processor, and
    you cannot listen to DSP programs.

    • When you select 6CH INPUT as the input source, settings of
    “1 SPEAKER SET” on the SET MENU do not apply (except
    for “1E MAIN Lv” "


  • Just did a little more experimenting and moved a sealed 10" sub to the front of the living room (HT location) adjacent/across from the ported 10" sub and it all balanced out nicely - no longer interested in the DSP/Dirac other than the mains could use some EQ as they are just a bit bright - might dig into the XO's (passive) and pad them a bit more but the highs are in the MW's.

    I am gonna have sh*t load of drivers for sale if I keep getting the sound I am looking for from the stuff I have tweaked to perfection. (Mental speaker design addict).

    The more you learn the less stuff you realize that you needed to buy . . .


  • Moved the Samba Kit speakers into the Mains slot just now - bass is accentuated but clean - needs some balance applied but sounds better . . .

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