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OT - Retirement Accounts and the future . . .

Can we talk about this here on the side or is that forbidden?

There are a lot of intelligent people here and I would like to hear from them concerning this current situation if you please.

Businesses are failing due to administrative policies and there is nowhere to put your savings these days it seems . . .


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    Just turn your money into gold bricks. Given that this is a speaker forum, maybe neodymium bricks would be more fitting :)

    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
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    Good luck with your crossover

  • Let's not discuss this here.

    I have a signature.
  • got it
    speakers, crossovers and draft beers it is

  • @tajanes said:
    got it
    speakers, crossovers and draft beers it is

    Bottled beer is fine too 🍺 🍻 :)

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