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2x8 bass cab

I won a couple MCM 8" drivers at the InDIYana meet, 55-2960's. Woo-hoo! Door prizes rule๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
I decided to build a bass guitar cab with them. Ran the T/S parameters, holy cow are they not even close to spec, which apparently is par for the course with these. As a side note, the ones under that part number don't look same anymore. Anyways, after a bunch of guestimating, I came up with a plan. I had some 3/4" ply, so let the saw dust fly!



  • After a bit of routering, it was time for a test run.

    ....well...huh. Sounded fine at liw volume, but soon as I gave it some power it went to crap. ๐Ÿ˜’ The suspensions on these units are super noisy. Very tricky ticky. Bummed, I removed the woofers and free air tested with a frequency generator, yup, both woofers have issues. I can hold down on one side of the spider and it'll clean up, so guessing some sorta misalignment going on.

    That didn't stop me from finishing the cab, figured I'll swap something in there... eventually. The only piece of vinyl I had was only long enough if I cut it in two and did some fancy stichery. I'm really liking this water based contact cement by WilsonArt called H2O.

    The back got a bit outta wack, but ehh, it's the back. Also had to use a different piece that was a bit lighter in color back there.

  • Finished it up with the corners and handles. Bent a grill up for it and chalked it up as done. The 12" passive was a tent sale score from way back, ended up tuned to 47Hz. Put a big chunk of foam inside to tame a 300Hz resonance that showed up on the impedance sweep. Otherwise, came out pretty sweet, I must say. Can't wait to get some decent drivers in it.

  • That looks amazing! Well done.

  • Most impressive work, man!

  • Love it! Whatcha got going on in the corners to keep the grill? Dowels?

  • Yeah, the top has dowels, the middle and bottom have some 3/8" hose stand offs.

  • does the H2O stink?

  • Freakin awesome!

  • Ani, not really. Obviously it has a smell, but not eye burning caustic like solvent based stuff. I'm sold.

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