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Assistance with measuring drivers and tweaking crossovers

edited November 2022 in DIY

I'm starting this thread on behalf of George D. @jerzy53. As many of you know, George is a distributor for Radian and Faital Pro. Most recently he presented his yet-to-be-finalized project at the Iowa DIY. I don't recall the exact driver complement, but I will provide pics below and @jerzy53 will chime in soon with additional details.

At any rate, George is looking for some help tweaking the crossover for his project and he would like to connect at some point in the future with a local DIY guy who can take measurements and provide some guidance. George resides in the western suburbs of Chicago, around the Wheaton area. If/when he gets this underway, I think it would be fun and educational to chart the progress here for everyone to follow and chime in.

Additionally, we are in touch with Mark at @meniscus, who may be able to provide some testing of the impressive new Radian planars that George brought samples of to Iowa. Again, I think it would be cool to start a new thread on the Radian testing or include those findings as part of this thread.

George, please chime in and provide details. Thanks everyone!! And for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, football, family and beer over the next several days, I wish you and yours a very happy and safe Holiday.

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  • First I would like to thank Bryan for his involvement on my behalf. To make thing strait I'm a dealer - not a distributor for Radian and Faital Pro. Lately Radian was start making some interesting planar drivers. Model LT2 is little smaller than LT3 (LT3 is direct next generation BG Neo3) . LT2 and LT6 were tested by Voice Coil magazine. LT6 is practically 2 times longer version of LT3 - designed for line arrays. Completely new build from scratch is LM10. LM10 is a mid range planar that is similar to BG Neo 10 ,but except the size ever-thing is different. Stronger magnets, new corrugated diaphragm with higher X-max, lower distortion and thanks to new design with screws instead rivets biggest problem of BG Neo10- consistency was fixed. On pictures above LT3, LT6 and LM10 are shown. Faital has couple new drivers - 6RS140 and 5PR160 . 6RS140 is a Faital answer to 18 Sound 6ND430 , which was favorably tested by John Zaph. Both drivers ( 6RS140 and 6ND430 ) are available in 8 and 16 Ohm. 6RS140 was used by Troels Gravesen ( on Faital 3WC-12 and Faital 3WC-10 models . Here is his description of 6RS140: (copy from his web side with his permission) "this 6" Faital 6Rs140 surprises me, it surprises me a lot! Given its 93 dB sensitivity and smooth frequency response it has a dramatic impact on the final performance of this speaker. Good bass drivers we can get from a lot of manufacturers, although the 12" range is limited for domestic use due to high Fs, but from 15" and 18" drivers there are multiple choices. And really good tweeters are in abundance these days. The 6RS140 has excellent dispersion, which creates a strong presence, yet smooth on the ear due to low distortion. Should you fancy percussion, look no further, this speaker has it. Rim shots are a delight, fast as lightning and with that ultra short decay only high-efficiency speakers can manage."
    On my speakers pictured above I used Radian LT3 planar with open back mounted to red painted wave guide. Midrange is Faital 5PR160 x2 and woofers are SB Satori 9.5"
    I'm looking for somebody to help me with polishing that design. I'm located in Franklin Park Illinois, but I can deliver speakers with my van. Also looking for somebody to measure some of the drivers described above. Thanks in advance - George.

  • Going to have an affordable planar to replace something like the planar in a pair of Carver Amazings?

  • George, did someone help you out?

  • Not yet. Still waiting.

  • I'm about 60 miles south of Franklin Park. Check out what I've built and talk to some of the guy's about me, and if you decide you want my help, I'll try to make some time.

  • If you say no to Nick's offer you don't like speakers.

  • Hi Nick. I'm really excited that you can help me with my speakers. How we can talk details?. I can send you email with my phone number. Let me know.

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