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What next?

edited May 16 in DIY

What project should I do next? I am going to pick up a pair of those cast frame 6.5" from Julefidelity and I have that second pair of the ceramic tweeters I used in the Ersatz project - that might make a great combo.

I have a variety of 4" AliExpress woofers and tweeters floating around - should I pick that project up again? I am thinking the black anodized aluminum cone woofers with that snazzy copper colored nipple tweeter in a MTM. I also have a pair of AMT tweeters with a nice aluminum frame that I could probably use.

Poly cone 5" SB MTM with the beast mode nipple tweeter in a waveguide?

Old school TM with that cool looking poly cone (with the ruffles have ridges surround) Tang Band and North Creek tweeters? Maybe some old school Seas tweeters instead? A vintage TM using Silver Flute 5" woofers and some OG Denmark built XT25?

Help me decide, guys. I want to consume drivers - I plan on gifting quite a few speakers this coming fall/winter. I have well over 1000 crossover components - I want to thin the herd there, as well.

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