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CSS/Meniscus September 2023 Get-Together Minus Meniscus and Moved to Detroit?

Even though Meniscus will be pretty well packed in by September, Kerry and I would like to carry the torch for the September Michigan get-together, but we want to get a feel for how many people would still be interested since it will be relocated a proper 2.5 hours across the state to Plymouth, Michigan.

Right now we're thinking the 15th and 16th or the 22nd and 23rd of September. Similar format to what Mark used to do - Friday night at CSS and then Saturday in a hotel conference room.

Please leave a comment below with your likelihood of attendance for which date and we'll get it set in stone with enough interest.



  • I would do my best to show up. Get myself some Faygo pop. 😃

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    Count me in. Either date works for me.

  • I would be there Dan.

  • What is the hotel/tap room/restaurant situation like in the vicinity of CSS?

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  • Holy shit flight and rental car prices right now!

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  • I might be able to get you too and from GR if that helps.

  • @jr@mac said:
    What is the hotel/tap room/restaurant situation like in the vicinity of CSS?

    There's a hotel less than a mile from CSS and less than a mile in the opposite direction is a quaint downtown area with lots of bars and restaurants. Hopefully we can get that close hotel to work for the venue, but if not, there are a lot of options within 5 miles.

  • @kenrhodes said:
    I might be able to get you too and from GR if that helps.

    Brining the missus this year if I come.

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  • Having a vehicle for three might be kinda hard to do. Doubt you would want to sit 3 deep for that drive...

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    Just under 4hr drive for me. Not too bad compared to the trek to upper peninsula I did last week

    I'd have to check on the dates.

  • I would definitely like to go, likely Saturday only, about same distance for me.

  • Nice idea! September is pretty busy for me this year, but I could plan to be there for the Sept 22,23 date...

  • That's enough for a party, but keep the feedback coming for a couple days then we'll lock it in place. One vote for 22/23rd - any other date preferences?

  • I'll be there. Either date is fine with me.

  • I'm for sure interested, depending on my work alignment

    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • @JasonP said:
    I'm for sure interested, depending on my work alignment

    Haven't seen you in a while Jason - it would be good to catch up!

  • Wow, only 2 hours and 17 minutes from my house, same distance (other direction) as Toronto from me!

    I would be strongly interested!

  • I'm in. Either date works

  • Glad that this is coming together. I hope to bring a dipole system that is anchored by a subwoofer consisting of the SDX12 prototype driver I bought from Dan at this year's InDIYana event.

  • Between here and other inquiries, most people seem ok with either date and I've got equal requests for one or the other, so the final date will probably be dictated by venue availability, which I'm working on now. I'll keep posting here as I get more details, but looks like this is a go for one of those two weekends.

  • This is only an hour from me. Not sure if I will have anything new. But I plan to attend. Most likely Saturday only.

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    Ok - the first annual CSS Detroit DIY Speaker event is a GO!

    September 15th, 2023 - 5pm (or earlier) - 11pm (or later) at:
    Creative Sound Solutions
    929 Irvin St
    Plymouth, MI 48170

    September 16th, 2023 - 9am - 6pm at:
    Home2 Suites by Hilton Northville Detroit
    47450 W Five Mile Rd
    Northville, MI 48168

    In keeping with the Meniscus tradition, we'll have an informal hang out at CSS headquarters Friday night, then the slightly more formal show-n-tell at the hotel on Saturday. A few things to note:

    1. The listening room at CSS is upstairs. Listening here is welcome, but will require lugging speakers up a flight of stairs and back down.
    2. There is a University of Michigan football game on Saturday in the area, so the hotel wouldn't give me a block rate since they're already planning on selling out their rooms for the night. This also means sleeping rooms should be booked as early as possible since most rooms at this hotel and others in the area will book up fast because of the game.
    3. Each speaker entry will play 5 minutes of house tracks and then have the option to play 5 minutes of the designer's choice. We'll have a streamer with Tidal and probably Spotify as well as optical and coax digital inputs for anyone who wants to bring music on their own portable player. We will probably not have a CD player.
    4. No contests, just bring your shit and show it off. Kerry and I will give a pat on the back to anyone who uses a CSS driver in their speakers :)
    5. Responsible consumption of adult beverages is welcome at both venues.
    6. There will be a swap meet table set up in the room for anyone who wants to hock some unused treasures.
    7. 28" heavy duty stands will be available for bookshelf speakers
    8. There might be more to convey as I think of things - check back here as the time gets closer.

    Looking forward to seeing you assholes!
    Love, Dan

  • Wish I could make this - love to see your outfit.

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  • I'm one asshole who's looking forward to being there!

  • @jr@mac said:
    Wish I could make this - love to see your outfit.

    We're planning to make it a yearly thing so we'll catch you at the next one.

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    I can bring the Marantz Pro balanced cd player if you need me to. I can bring the 1Mii Bluetooth box too.
    So USB stick otherwise other than streaming or device connect?
    I don't keep music on my phone, but YouTube or Spotify could work for me.

  • I can’t come because of #5

  • @hifiside said:
    I can’t come because of #5

    What if irresponsible consumption was tolerated?

  • Not like that hasn't happened before. =)

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