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Woodworking stuff for sale

Hey all its been awhile! I'm going to be listing my woodworking equipment on FB soon. Figured here would be a good start for first dibs. I haven't been using these items with my new job and want to be able to park in my garage again. Someone locally is interested in the router table so it might be sold.
Husky air compressor $70
Tablesaw Ridgid rs4511 10" granite top hybrid/cabinet saw. $500
RIDGID jointer JP0600 jointer $150
Rockler router table with router $150
Avid 4x4 CNC machine pro unit/PC $6500



  • Hi Mike!
    Miss seeing you at the DIY events. Hope you and Ashley (and the dogs) are doing well. Good luck with the sales. I know your equipment is top notch stuff.
    Take care,

  • Miss seeing you (and everyone else) as well. I'll have to give you a buzz sometime. I go to Atwood trails mountain biking sometimes its not far from you.

  • I wish I had $6500 and a 4th garage stall. Damn.

    I wish that table saw was closer and I needed one. Damn.

    Good luck with sale, and hope to see you stop by an event someday.

    I have a signature.
  • AVID CNC is a good shit! I've used them for many years.
    Good luck with the sale.

  • Mike, call or text me next time you're going to Attwood.

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