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Suggestions for protecting midrange domes from curious fingers

I have a pair of Morel CAM 558 dome midranges that I want to use, but I would like to have some form of protection from curious fingers.

I only want something to cover the mids, not full grills.

Was thinking of making some grills that would be held on with magnets, but am unsure what the best mesh or screen would be to use.

Any other ideas for grills?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Visaton has some metal grills for their small drivers. I know some builders have placed them over their tweeters. Maybe one of them would fit the MDM55/CAM558?

  • Yeah maybe something like the Visaton 4670 (PE p/n 292-533)

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    Be sure to isolate the grill from the cabinet.

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    At least that dome appears slightly recessed so it might help keep the diffraction monster from stomping all over the response due to a grill trim ring. There are a few options on Amazon. For the size you are looking for I'd say search for 4" speaker grills. Many have useful dimensions displayed in the photos. Ones with a trim ring seem to be two separate loose pieces. Could omit the ring piece and just capture the metal grill portion by itself with screws if you don't mind that look.

  • I wonder if you could find a metal basket and cover it in grill cloth. The metal frame should have little diffraction affect as long as it doesn't ring.

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