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Beware of phishing emails

edited February 16 in Announcements

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, since the majority of you are very tech savvy. However, I've been seeing an uptick in phishing emails that purport to be originating from MAC.

Please note, once you become a member, we will NEVER EVER send an email about your "expiring password." In fact we rarely send emails at all and if we do they will originate from me, JR or Jason.

Please DM me if you have any questions/concerns.

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  • I've been getting lots of fake invoices with phone numbers to call. I recently ran across this video where they mess with the scammers which is kind of fun. It also gives an overview of how Indian scammers operate. These people are evil.


  • I've done that a bit. They called and told me they were from Microsoft, and that my PC was infected. They directed me to the error registry and then said it was worse than they thought and that they would have to fix it. I bet I had them on the phone for 45 minutes to the point where they started asking for funds. I clicked off the DSL modem, told them how I felt about what they were doing, that I had their methods down, was calling the BBB to inform them of their process, and to not call me again. The BBB was very thankful to know how this process was occurring so they could inform others, and surprised that I knew what was going on and didn't let them scam me.
    I wasted the scammers time.

  • Nice story Bro!


  • These bastards are everywhere, from email to mobile phone scams; every day I get calls from numbers which only ring twice, leave no message (or if they do there's a nasty attachment if you open it) and if you call the number back you're charged at a premium rate of which they get a share.

    There are people pretending to be your bank, credit card or internet provider, or from the Tax Office etc etc - we just delete them straight away.


  • If only our FBI could get their head out of their ass and focus on the consumer …

  • I've been getting two or three emails a week from 'Amazon' telling me my account has changed and asking for details - I just delete them straight away. There have also been bogus messages which seem at first glance to come from the Tax Office, Medicare and PayPal: all crook.


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