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Exohyde became Exoflawed

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I had my first experience with Exohyde recently and I thought I'd share. I covered the bottoms and backs of some new cabinets recently. The order of layers on Menards particle board were Zinnser 123 primer (1 coat brushed), Rustoleum Ultra Cover Semi-gloss black (1 coat brushed) and Exohyde (1 coat rolled). After 2 weeks here is how it looks.

Now these are backs and bottoms, so it's no REAL big deal, but what went wrong here?

Is this avoidable? Will one more coat of ExoHyde make this go away or is there a flaw in my application process that will have me seeing this again?



  • I'd skip all the other coats and just go double layer exo. Looks like you may have had some outgassing still going on before applying the Exo.

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  • I think you would have been ok with just the Zinnser 123 then the Exohyde. The times I have seen what happened to you ALWAYS involved a Rustoleum product and never any other brand.

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    Rustoleum owns Zinsser. You need to stick with one paint system, water-based, oil based, etc. etc.. you can’t put water-based product over the top of solvent based products. That looks like crazing so I’m sure you trapped solvent and all those cracks are it trying to breathe and dry.

  • Trapped solvent can often cause a whitish blush and or pop. Or as JR might say. Chemistry is a cruel bitch.

  • Aren't Zinnser 123, Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover (brush on) and Exohyde all water based?

    But, from the product page...

    • Stir Exohyde thoroughly before use and occasionally during prolonged usage to prevent pigment from settling to the bottom of the can.
    Application over primer is not recommended, Exohyde is a self priming paint and is not compatible with certain primers. If you plan on using a separate primer then apply on a sample piece first to ensure compatibility.

  • ... and do not taunt happy fun ball. You didn't taunt Exohyde while it was curing, did you?

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  • My bad. Thought he was using a rattle can for rustoleum.

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    Hm, none of these went on in a hurry. At least 24-48 hours between coats. It should have been ample time to READ THE EXOHYDE CAN. My hope was to get by with a single coat of Exohyde. The primer went on so I could use PSA-backed veneer on the top and sides. Silly me. The "easy part" will now be the most work.

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