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Small box passive radiator questions for the MAC-04

edited June 7 in DIY

I'd like to repurpose some boxes into some MAC-04 2-ways. The boxes are wedge-shaped and not really conducive to porting, but would easily accept a couple 4" PRs (but no larger) on the back. The volume unported is ~4.5 liters.

I have several Peerless 830878 3-1/2" Passive Radiators (Sd = 50.2 cm2, coated paper cone) and I have a couple Dayton ND105-PRs (Sd = 51.5 cm2, AL cone). The Daytons would appear to have more Xmax, but I believe either would have as much as the MAC-04.

My questions center on what would be the consequences of using one of each per box? Are mismatched PRs a big no-no, or would there be advantages? Should I just go with a pair of the Peerless PRs, or should I acquire another pair of the ND105s? This isn't a big rush, but it is something I could throw together pretty quickly once the plan is in place. TIA.


  • I say go for the pair per side and share the models. I'm curious to see what people come up with for my humble little drivers.

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  • A single ND105-PR per box will work. No additional mass needed.

    The Peerless PR's won't give decent results for that driver and box.

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