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I splurged and bought some of the gloss faux wood Di-Noc. Wow this stuff is nice! Stay tuned for some photos to be posted this evening.

In Canada the stuff is real hard to find apart from the carbon fibre (you can of course order from the US at a huge shipping cost), but I found a local print shop that could order the wood grain Di-Noc. The normal stuff is only mediocre looking, but any of the gloss products really pop. They have a shimmer and depth to them that no other faux wood product I've seen even comes close.

The bad part is the price, it can actually be more expensive than real wood veneer, however the reason to pay the extra price for it is the ease of installation. No sand, stain, fill, finish, sand, finish, sand, finish, sand, polish, etc. Just peel and stick and enjoy. In Canada it is sold by the meter, and is a 4ft width, so the stuff I bought was CAD$80 per meter.

Has anyone here used Di-Noc, wood grain or the normal carbon fibre stuff? Feel free to share your thoughts and photos.

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  • Wow that's expensive. Here it is sold by the yard, so close to a meter.... while converting to USD, it will fall a bit, but it is expensive compared to veneer - that's exotic veneer territory. but i guess, exotic wood patterns would also cost the same....
  • Yes, like I said, while the cost is not a benefit, you don't have to spend days to weeks on finishing, great for Canucks that don't have heated shops, or people like myself inexperienced with veneer and finishing in general. This can be installed indoors when the weather is -30 deg C. You do still have to make sure your panels are smooth as sink and clean, I am certain that any blemish in the cabinet construction will show through in the gloss of the Di-Noc.

    BFM had listed this site on another forum, the Gloss Bubinga and birdseye maple would be nice to try out as well. What I have is Cherry, it has a nice red-ish copper tone to it.

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    My opinions are 100% factual
  • Wow
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • How thick is this stuff. I put some basic looking stuff on my tarkus build like 6 years ago. It held up but the only bad this was that it showed any imperfections. Now that i have a gigantor 1.25" roundover bit im willing to try this again. 
  • Its super thin, so you'll still need to make sure your cabinet is smooth as silk and clean or I'm sure it will show though. I measured 0.18mm with my calipers.
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  • It will set you back $6 just to get a sample to check out:
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    So I'm planning out my next project, this will be using a Wavecor WF152BD03 woofer, and a Motus UH25CT1 mounted in a waveguide. I'm planning a 9L bookshelf cabinet with the above pictured D-Noc wrapped around the sides. I'm contemplating what to do for a baffle finish given the flat black appearance of the drivers.

    I was thinking about a flat black spray can finish to blend in the colours of the woofer and waveguide, or to use one of the stone textures spray can finishes available, as I think a more grey tone would look nicer against the red/orange tones of the Di-Noc.

    What would you do?

    Just a teaser...Response of WF152BD03 (4 ohm version) in a 9L cabinet. The other tidbit on this speaker is that the Z offsets between the drivers will be very small, possibly even zero.

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  • Nice. What's the max spl with that tuning? That dark brown duratex might look good on the baffle.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
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    You'll get to about 100dB@1m (about 30W) with that minus the baffle step :)

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  • Great fit between the Motus tweeter and waveguide (Visaton?).   It should be a good acoustical match too.
  • The Motus tweeter is actually a bit small for the Visaton waveguide, but the lip of the face plate makes it a not too bad fit and doesn't look out of place. Larger 28-30mm+ tweeters are a better fit for the WG148R
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    I've settled on this spray paint, the colour is "Aged Iron":
    I did a test strip, no photo but it's about exactly the same colour as the grey desk that I photographed my drivers on above. Feels like about 180-220 grit sandpaper, so we'll see how well it collects dust over time, but I think it'll look real well next to the drivers and the Di-Noc. My boards are mostly cut for this project, but I think I'm going to hold off on posting more about it until this is near completion.
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  • I like the aged iron.
  • You've used this stuff? It looked real bad when first sprayed on a test peice, but looked good once it dried.
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  • Yep.  I have used it.  I like the some of the other colors in that product as well.
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