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Sending out a feeler...

OK, did some thinking and... I love the look of three woofer towers. Sadly, with mainstream driver selection that means we need big swinging dingus king kong super arc welder amps to power them. I am fairly certain my Theta will drive a nominal ~2.7 ohm design - but most bread and butter amps will take a shit when asked to power through that. 

So, that being said - does anyone have any interest in a group buy for 16 ohm woofers? I have done some legwork previously on MoQ for Dayton Audio in the past, and I imagine most suppliers will have similar requirements. For sake of argument, let's assume Qty 100 is the point at which we can expect to have drivers with custom coil windings etc. However, each vendor is probably going to impose different requirements and limitations. 

Here are some of the drivers I think would be great in a 16 ohm version:

1. Eclipse W6520R
2. Dayton DC160
3. Dayton DA215
4. MCM 55-2669
5. Tang Band W6-1139SIF

Those are just five drivers that popped into mind, and I'll explain my selection process a bit.

The Eclipse is really close to being a world-class driver at a seriously competitive price point. I found it to have a very satisfying bass tonality and it works well in a 2-way as well as a 3-way. It is, as evidenced by several DIY event incidents, displacement limited in a single driver mode and currently there are no options other than the 4 ohm model making a dual woofer setup kind of moot if the builder does not possess a high current amp to drive past the 8 ohm impedance. 

The DC160 is also severely output limited due to limited Xmax, but offers really good extension in a small footprint and a nice price point. 

The DA215 is an 8" woofer that, while not playing particularly low, will work nice in a smallish cabinet

The MCM 55-2669 is a beast of a 5-1/4" and I was unable to make it sound ugly during excursion testing - in fact, the surround was probably the limiting factor. It is also very clean through the lower midrange, and the anodizing on the cone is a beautiful, nearly pearlescent appearance.

The Tang Band, well who wouldn't want a triple driver tower with these as the anchor? Holy crap.

I will be willing to take point on this project if we can drum up enough interest. If MoQ is 100, that would be 17 guys committing to six drivers each, or 13 guys committing to eight drivers each. I think that is a reasonable expectation. 

Of course, I am open to other driver options, as well. 
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  • I'm interested. :s
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • I'm interested.
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • Also perhaps tack MCM's not-so-new Dynavox 6" revision onto that list.
    = Howard Stark: "This is the key to the future. I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out."
  • I like a 16ohm MCM 55-2669.
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • The idea is great. And I could definitely see myself in the mix for this. But instead of 16 ohm, how about 12ohm? The meniscus woofer would be my first choice, with the mcm a close second.
  • I like the 16 ohm option primarily due to actual net impedance very often dipping much lower than Ohm's law would suggest. For example, the RS125 4 ohm has a DCR of (IIRC) 2.7 ohms. If a nominal 12 ohm driver yields a DCR of anything less than 10 ohms, we are back to requiring an arc welder to drive a three woofer system. Roman has 16 ohm nominal Accuton over at PETT classified currently, DCR is 11.5. Three of those yield a DCR under 4 ohms. 

    Just my $0.02

    I would also like to suggest consideration of Eminence:

    Eminence 8" Paper Cone High Output Woofer 4 Ohm

    Although I am inclined to believe we could just spec something out from scratch with those guys, it would be nice to see if one of the large vendors would take a group buy inquiry like this as proof-of-concept that there is a market for higher impedance drivers. 

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  • I can ask Eminence about that.
  • Can we throw in the pr also in the group buy? They are quite pricey if purchased individually.
  • One thing to know about these current Eminence offerings and the pricing. Eminence brought these to PE as sort of a buy out as the baskets and some of the soft parts were extras that they had on hand. When PE asked for additional drivers and the PR, the price went up due to Eminence needing to purchase additional parts. 

    So I'm not sure if they will be able to do the PR directly to us for any less than what we can get them for at PE. The 16ohm is a voice coil change and is a stock part. I've emailed Jerry, so I should hear back on Monday. I have set up Mosaic Audio Design as an OEM with Eminence.
  • Id be in
  • Missed this earlier. Looks interesting in lieu of a group buy for "big swinging dingus king kong super arc welder amps".
  • JR, shoot me an email.
  • Gowa said:
    JR, shoot me an email.
    Will do
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