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MCMA Planar

edited April 2019 in DIY
These have been out for a while but I have seen nothing on them.  This one looks promising 

Anyone heard these or building with one? 


  • Zaph tested a similar model years ago, search his blog for "FPS".
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • I'm surprised how low its sensitivity is.
  • I had never seen these. Looking at the FR graph, there's that rise to an 8dB peak just under 7k. Not sure how that might look once it's on a baffle. The sensitivity is also very low, and measured @ 1/2 meter? Looks like 78dB through the mid-band, so that makes it about 75 at 1 meter. Still, one/side with a small woofer might make for an interesting desktop speaker.
  • Wonder what a line array of those 0212m stacked on a sonotube (round concrete form) would sound like?  The top end could be filled in with a slimmer tube stacked with the narrower c0104mn to form a mid + tweeter line array with all that filled in by a regular, or whatever style you prefer, bass bin.    

    Surely there is a place to get them cheaper than PE
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