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Hartke Hydrive 10

So why do you think there aren't any other hybrid cone speakers around? I just bought an 8/10 cab that I plan to use to make two separate 4/10's. It's a neat concept and do perform quite well. They definitely built a nice driver.


  • Took a quick FR response...

    Speaker on the floor on piece of foam, mic about 2' above.
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    Is it me or are they calling the magnet, the bottom plate?
  • Not sure I'm reading it right, but it looks like bottom plate is sandwiched inside the neo magnet    ......  owaitaminute, it looks like there is a disc of the magnet attached to the "bottom plate", which in turn attaches to the rest of the magnet to provide a clear path of travel for the aluminum VC former.

  • This is how I see it.
  • Yup, me too.
  • Guess this will be my build log, too. Got a lot done this weekend. Started with some 3/4" plywood from the Depot. Wish $35 got me better stuff, this shit splinters and flakes like mad! Anyway, got it to the point that it's ready for some nice British Green Tolex. Gotta get it ordered up. The corners are on their way and I'll reuse the input plate from the doner cab.

  • Clamped up, glued, and routed

  • Some nice British Racing Green, anyone?
  • like the green, and very nice job with the tolex 

  • Thanks for zee compliments👍 Almost done, have to add some pretty wood to this one. Oh, and a grill.
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    It's surprising how much effort and $ go into a PA to do the finish, wheels, handles, bumpers, etc. than a regular speaker, excellent results
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • That is true. I robbed the cab I bought for the drivers, handles,and input terminal plate. The corners were ching-chong specials for like $6. The Tolex was expensive, straight from the UK. The same used on Marshall stuff.
  • So where the bubinga going?

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Zebrawood, baffle...
  • so, where is a good affordable place to get veneer?  How much will veneer show seams from underneath?    
  •  John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Yeah I've bought from eBay. I also have a couple nice veneer shops local. The Zebrawood I'm using was from over in Louisville. I applied 2 coats of waterbased poly on it.
  • Love that green 

  • Show me a sexier cab and I'll burn this one. 🤯

  • Grills fresh off the water jet. 1/8" aluminum. Gotta clean them up and paint black.
  • 9 months later.... Grill done👍🏻 I had it powder coated (along with my brake calipers🤭), whatcha think?

  • I think you'd better start playing out. Looks great. 
    I have a signature.
  • lets see the calipers... :p
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Is that your grill design? Nicely done!
  • Looks great!
  • We recently watched Car Masters - Rust to Riches on Netflix.  A lot of the custom cars Gotham Garage built had water jet cob webs.  It's a pretty cool detail for a speaker grill. Nice job. 


  • Yes my design. I drew it out full scale on poster board, then took it to Kinko's to have it scanned to file. The water jet guy used that to cut it.

  • Figured Id post this here as it's part of the "front end" that leads to the cab. These are my basses. The left one is my main, an Ibanez Soundgear SR1205, one on the right was my first new bass back in prolly 91-92. It's an Ibanez EX series bass, basically entry level piece that plays quite well. It lead a rough life as I never had a case for it, but wethered the storm rather nice. The hardware was looking pretty beat, showing its age with wear and corrosion. A friend had  some motorcycle parts done with Cerakote and that gave me some inspiration to try it out on the bass parts. I totally dismantled the bass to perform a "frame off restoration". Broke all the tuners and bridge down in preparation for Cerakote. There's a company that does it here in town. I chose "Midnight Bronze" for a nice contrast to the black body/headstock.

  • Here's the parts broke down to be taken to the coater.

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