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Get familiar with the reaction system: Introducing the Reaction System

Getting back into the swing of things.

School is out!  Time to catch up on things around the house and get back to s.t.u.f.f. 

This is a two way project using a FaitalPro 5fe120 and an xt25tg30. 

XSim data is in-box measurements @39" @0*, on tweeter axis, but inside which means the gate times were really small.  The mosquitoes are still too bad for outside measurements.   


And this is the result measured without moving anything.  Red is with polarity reversed.  Green is xsim model.  I feel there may be a bad connection with one of the cheap alligator clips but have redone just about everything with no difference.      


Measured impedance.  Green is XSim, blue is measured.  Close until 1k. but is that small of a difference responsible for the measured .frd response?        



  • The most likely culprit is incorrect acoustic offset data entered interested xsim, or incorrect phase data in the measurements used in xsim. The simulation shows everything in-phase at the crossover frequency, however phase is not aligned in reality.

    I'd verify the offsets in xsim first.
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  • As a verification, once the offset in xsim is corrected, you should see the simulation match up with the measurements you've already taken above.
    My opinions are 100% factual
  • XSim put a little (m) next to the S driver label when you modify the sensitivity or delay.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • @dcibel ; Yep, you are correct.  I never noticed.    
  • More better. 

    The offset wound up being 1.25".  Thought that was a bit too much but ... pink is XSim, blue and red are measured.  Wonder what affect all those cheap jumpers have on the equation?

    Using some reclaimed magnet wire to roll the inductors.  It's really too small for the larger coils, but it's free.  Can't find any motors at work with anything larger than ~18 gauge which may work fine on smaller coils; ordering 10lbs. of 15gauge magnet wire from eBay ($93) for the larger stuff.  The larger gauge should prop up the bottom end.  Damaged the threads on the only stainless steel bolt that is long enough to hold the homemade roller together, so probably not rolling any more inductors today anyway. 


  • Offsets always surprise me, good evidence that they can be difficult to determine without measuring. 
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  • These have been sitting around waiting for a while.  The drivers are mentioned in the first post.  Had to tinker with the crossover a little after figuring the offset (thanks guys) and because the new coils with the larger diameter wire have a lot less resistance. 
    Dunked the coils in poly as Ben suggested so they will be ready to go when we return from hauling boy back to college tomorrow.
    Playing around with xsim looks like the inductors can be left alone and still have plenty of adjustment for voicing.  They have some bad spots on the clear that needs attention but if these sound good, they are small enough to lug around to a meet ...              

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