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Can you hear me now?

   I guess car audio has changed some since my teens but it appears to still be centered on LOUD.  If you want to skip the cannon fodder, it gets interesting around 23 minutes in.   


  • I watched just a small snippet - impressive fabrication work. I like the way they integrated the ipads into the dash. Didn't watch much of the sound demo - can't stand rap music! Obviously not designed for SQ. 100Kw is ridiculous. I've mixed arena shows on fairly loud rigs with 1/4 of that power. 
  • Around 23 minutes he tries to throw a towel out the window and it just levitates in the open window shaking like a bowl of jello after a hard thump.  It stays there until he turns the music? down.  
  • What a waste.
  • Watched a few other super-high spl car audio vids and no one appears to have any ear protection.  Why?  Are they already deaf, does hearing protection not make any difference at this level, or does bass at this level not affect hearing?  Puzzled ...  
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