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Shameless plug

edited November 2019 in Announcements
Hi all. Many of you know I've been through a career transition over at last couple years. Ever since my layoff back in November 2015 (refused to relocate to Canada), I've not had the best luck finding the same line of work with the ability to remain in Chicago with my family. My stubborness in not wanting to relocate had left me no alternative but to basically reinvent myself.

I've always been a finance guy and I've had an interest in real estate a logical choice was becoming a mortgage loan officer. Living in the third largest city in the U.S. provides a lot of opportunity. Anyway, I've got great news and I wanted to share here with the community.

After a brief remote stint with a mortgage broker out in the burbs (great learning experience), I've landed at Lakeside Bank as a Mortgage Loan Consultant right here in Chicago and bonus - It's two miles from my house. This just happened on Nov 1st.

I'll be helping folks finance residential purchases and refinance existing mortgages. I can do this nationally now that I'm with a bank and the team at Lakeside has a fuckton of experience. The bank is a 53 year old Chicago-based privately held company. We are a bank, but we don't operate in the typical bank fashion. Every customer has their own private banker who's available at your convenience - not just 9am-5pm and not through a website or an 800 number.

I'm excited I've finally landed somewhere that I feel confident I can utilize my years of financial experience to help folks, all while remaining in my home town with my family. I don't mind admitting it's been a bitch over the last few years.....but I finally found a place that I will likely be retiring from at some point....maybe when I'm 80. LOL.

That being said...forgive me but here comes the shameless plug.

If I can help any of you or your friends/family with residential mortgage-related services or even just questions, please reach out to me.

Here are some informational links. If you're on Facebook and/or LinkedIn please connect with me there, or shoot me an email or text. I'm happy to help.

Lakeside Bank - UIC/Near West
1055 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL  60608
Office: (312) 789-3522  |  Mobile/SMS: (312) 399-6228

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