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Another Rival Build

Finally got around to finishing my Rival build that I started almost a year ago :/ These are the paper cone drivers and I paired them up with a set of SB STC26 tweeters that I had taken out of an old build. Cabinet design this time around was going to be all plywood with a few pieces of cherry for some accents. Oh and some purple heart for the splines. I ended up with a .6cf box and tuning to 42hz, which gave me a 2" by 7" port. The baffle is 1.5" thick with strips of BB down the front and the 3 small pieces of cherry just to break up the ply. I also but one shelf brace in between the 2 drivers. Finish is just a few coats of Danish oil.

A few construction photos,

After playing around in PCD I ended up with a x-over point of 1800hz with 12db on the woofer and 18 on the tweeter. Measured response was pretty close to sims so I am kind of happy how it turned out - I am still learning the whole measure/design part of this hobby. 

And I used all Rival caps in the crossover too =). Just managed to squeeze all the parts onto one of those PE crossover boards. 

I am happy with how they turned out and have been listening to them for about a month now with music and the TV - plans are to turn the spare bedroom into a listening/computer room with a pull out couch instead of the bunk bed and move these up there. Just need to convince the wife it is a good idea ;)
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  • How do you get the 45s so nice and even?    
  • Very nice clean aesthetics with some pop and variation. Bet it sounds great also.
    Gonna "steal" your box alignment for some upcoming Rival TM builds.
    Yeah, and my 45s are never quite so perfect! 
    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • Nice for sure! The splines are neato, too. I've pulled off 45's like that, my scrap pile is usually a lot bigger before it happens....
  • Those look great! Looks like you used almost half of the caps in that sale pack from last year.
  • Kornbread said:
    How do you get the 45s so nice and even?    
    Thanks guys! 

    I setup the blade on my saw with the digital angle gauge everytime i'm going to cut 45's just in case the stop had moved from last time. 
  • Great cabinetry work!
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • dcibel said:
    Great cabinetry work!
  • Super cool looking baffle!
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