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Every one of you...

...I am thankful for. I will be pretty busy tomorrow so I thought I would take this moment tonight to let you all know I am thankful for you.

Have a safe and happy holiday tomorrow, and may the road rise to you.
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  • I'm also thankful for this community. It's a great group of people from varied backgrounds, all brought together by this hobby. While I have never met most of you in person, I'm glad you are all here. Stay safe if you are traveling and eat until you are uncomfortable!
  • Consider y'all, bros.  May the wind be at your back, and loved ones safe.
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  • Gotta make a meet and actually meet all you guys.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.    
  • Happy turkey day.

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    For me this started out just trying to make a new flat screen TV listenable.  Turned out to be a bunch of friends I look forward to seeing a few times a year not to mention a couple of you that I share life with almost daily via texts.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Word up to the speaker geeks! Very thankful for my extended family!
  • I'm thankful my wife and I are still with the living. On the way home from the in-laws I was driving about an hour ago, and some doofus tried to pass a grain tractor/trailer in our lane on a yellow line. He had nowhere to go but off-road to his left. Without hesitation and no braking, I went off the road as quick as I realized what was going on- at 45 mph. Luckily the grass there was reasonably flat, and was the flattest spot along that side of the road between ditches, fields, and guard rails. The idiot didn't even stop and check on us. I'm wondering if it was a drunk driver. It all happened so fast, but we and the car appear to be okay. We went back to see if we damaged the yard, but everything seems to be okay there as well. My daughter could have lost both of us tonight, being she was at the in-laws staying over. I'm glad for the result.

    Please hug your families, and be grateful and thankful for them.
  • Glad you and your wife are OK! Hope there's no unseen damage to your car.

    I covered so many 10-50 PIs (personal injury accidents) in my years as a TV news guy. Alcohol was all too often a factor and it was rarely a single vehicle accident. Seeing it so often, you develop a unique appreciation of the old saying - Don't drink & drive.

    Stay safe everyone.
  • Close call, Ben. Glad you are still with us. I am preparing to drive the 12 miles to work on fresh powder over some freezing drizzle from last night. 
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  • Yeah- I heard you guys up there got nailed with the white stuff; MN, SD, ND. Drive safe!
  • Happy Thanksgiving and holidays... We are expecting another storm this weekend - Fri/Sat/Sun... winter is here in full force  :s
  • ani_101 said:
    Happy Thanksgiving and holidays... We are expecting another storm this weekend - Fri/Sat/Sun... winter is here in full force  :s
    Keep that stuff up north where it belongs.

  • Happy Thanksgiving.  My subdivision is under re-construction and they poured the cement for our approaches, sidewalks, and upper driveway sections on Tuesday morning, about 4 hours before it started raining.  They sprayed the cement with some type of sealer/curing agent.  The rain hit hard and pounded the new cement (1 to 1.5 inches), but no damage.  I am thankful for that. 
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