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Another Aliexpress driver...

...this is a 3", aluminum cone with 20mm voice coil and a phase plug. It uses the same 98mm cast basket as the other Aliexpress driver I recently started testing on. This is a 4 ohm driver, and looks very similar to Dayton RS stuff but with a significant motor difference.

This has a neo ring motor. 

Check this out:

I didn't really do any break-in on them. They are pretty stiff suspension, but that impedance curve indicates the phase plug is doing its shorting ring thing, and the small diameter voice coil is also contributing to a reduced Le rise. The motor is very powerful for it's size. 

Loudspeaker parameters:

Fs  = 101.75 Hz
Re  = 3.61 ohms[dc]
Le  = 72.70 uH
L2  = 156.04 uH
R2  = 4.38 ohms
Qt  = 0.23
Qes = 0.23
Qms = 9.20
Mms = 1.95 grams
Rms = 0.135766 kg/s
Cms = 0.001252 m/N
Vas = 1.41 liters
Sd= 28.27 cm^2
Bl  = 4.408124 Tm
ETA = 0.61 %
Lp(2.83V/1m) = 93.44 dB

Added Mass Method:
Added mass = 4.65 grams
Diameter= 6.00 cm

I approximated the Sd due to the phase plug - I just entered diameter until it came up the same as the Dayton PS95, although it is technically a little more radiating surface due to the smaller phase plug. 

So the smaller voice coil, the shorting ring, the extremely high sensitivity (check that out) means I may have finally found my 98mm midrange upgrade for the Maggies. I don't think it would make a woofer worth a shit due to the low Qts and small voice coil, but I bet it will be a great midrange driver. We'll see. I am waiting for the 4 ohm version of the glass fiber cone to show up, the 8 ohm model I have is too low sensitivity to bother with. 

So an ultra high Qms, probably very low distortion, extremely high sensitivity, and a buy it price of $25/each. Shipped. What's not too like? If the linear distortion is kept to a minimum, this makes this driver a candidate for a serious budget friendly high end design. Thermal power handling might be a concern, but it likely does not have a lot of output potential below 300-400Hz anyways, so musical energy this driver sees will be minimized in any event. I'll have a testing marathon as soon as the last driver shows up, and update these threads with in-box and distortion squigglies.

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