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Pointy speaker started

Hey guys I thought I would post in a new thread so as not to hijack dcibels shape thread.
The woofers are Hivi f8's courtesy of JR, thanks JR, and the mid is a Hivi Dmna dome.  I turned a piece of aluminum into a shallow wave guide and used it to replace the stock flange.  I have to admit that the reason for the wave guide has less to do with performance and more of a means for me to move the dome backward and have a grill that can stay on without affecting the sound.  I'll snap a better picture of the dome/waveguide when I get a chance.
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  • Oooo nice.... rear mounted woofers too...
  • Cool.   Is that a 1.5" radius roundover? 
  • I like them Nick!  That's a lot of speaker.
  • Fun project! How tall are they?
  • Ani, the woofers aren't rear mounted, the front is actually going to become the grill.  
    Bill the radius is 3/4".  I originally had planned on a 1-1/4" radius, but went with the 3/4" for ease, as this is just a proof of concept at this point.  I may go larger, but I'm not sure at this point. No pun intended.
    The wave guide is cut with  a 3" radius, and the speaker with be between 51 and 52 inches tall, depending on the base, which is necessary due to the 4" port on the bottom.
  • I like the "grill" idea, does that mean you're covering it in fabric?
    I'm not deaf, I'm just not listening.
  • yes, the bare mdf will be painted black and covered with grill cloth.
  • I like the grill idea. I assume you will be measuring with the MDF grill frame in place?
  • I will measure with the grill on, as it is meant to be listened to that way.  Hey Ani how is the new tube amp? do you like it better than the hypex amp.
  • Are you going to paint those aluminum guides black?
  • That's a definite candidate for some anodizing....
    Looking good Nick!
  • Any progress you'd like to share on these Nick?
  • edited March 3
    I originally only built one cabinet as a trial run, so I have been constructing the second still needs the driver openings cut.  I really didn't think that anyone would  be that interested in one of my designs as they aren't that easy to duplicate.  
    To be completely honest, I have lacked focus lately, too many ideas and not enough time.  My wife convinced me to finish the Carl and Stuart minion build for MWAF, so I have been trying to make progress with that build, it has changed direction again.  Oh yeah I also came into some vinyl, eight tubs to be exact.  Here is a picture of the backside mounting of one of the domes, and one tub of records.
  • Made a little progress, did some bracing.
  • After much debate I have decided to paint these guy's. I am currently soaking the end grain with epoxy, and I think that I have come up with viable feet/outriggers.

  • That’s a nice chunk of aluminum!

  • Wood tip at the end of the aluminum? Nice👍🏻

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