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Tenshi Zaph woofer and sb tweeter

Tenshi is Japanese for angel. This very well describes my niece that I am building these for. She picked the color, a very beautiful tealish tone. 
Drivers are the Zaph Audio ZA14W08 woofer and SB Acoustics SB26STNC tweeter. 5 components. Enclosure is 11H 7.5"W and 8D iirc Fb of 60 and f3 about 55. I used 1/2" bb ply (20x20 panels at Menards, $4 ea). A single cross brace runs side to side. The xover schem has the correct values but the tweeter should be normal polarity. 


  • Great job Chuck!  I used that tweeter in my Jonquils project and loved it.  How did you like the Zaph woofer?
  • I actually better than I thought I would. Other times I have heard it, i did not care for it. It always sounded rather harsh in the mid. Maybe it was crossed higher than I did here? Not sure. Crossed to the sb26stnc, i like the combo a lot!
  • Looking good👍 Those x-over boards from PE are pretty handy.
  • Super sweet minimal crossover, and you posted measured results rather than (too common) simulated results. Nice shop, too!
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  • Thank you. The shop is great, no doubt. And it has been very busy lately. Ive had a few other builds that I didn't bother taking pictures of. Just not enough time. 

    Ive added a CNC recently that needs work and a learning curve for me. As I have time, I will be getting it up to speed.
  • Looks nice, I like the simple crossover. I’m surprised you didn’t have to address cone breakup.
  • The woofer is actually quite flat to past 5k iirc and the cone breakup is above that. At the 1.9k crossover point, the breakup is way below audible.
  • Not being sarcastic, just wanting to know; at what point is a breakup/whatever else at the point of below audible?  
  • -30-40db for some, for people with a sensitivity in that range it might need to be pushed a little lower yet. Sometimes it can take some extended listening to hear it, if you are unfamiliar with the sonic signature it can present initially as somewhat euphonic or as extra "sparkle" or detail. 

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  • Agreed JR. In this case, the breakup is at least 40db down. 
  • I've long heard the minimum to be -25dB, average undetectable to be -40dB, and -50dB or below to be inaudible.
  • A good tidbit of information there guys.  Thanks.
  • Kornbread said:
    A good tidbit of information there guys.  Thanks.

  • A square Robin's egg. 
  • somebody is going to be happy with those!
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