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Making presents

First up.

When I was a kid in the late 50s my uncle worked for the local newspaper. Back then all the pictures were printed on a press using etched copper plates fastened to wooden blocks like this.

All the head shots were the same size and he would bring a bunch to the house and we would strip the copper plates off for salvage and us kids got to keep all the blocks to play with. I took a bunch of poplar and set up the table saw to make some blocks for the nieces and nephews.

It's a pretty simple setup. I clamped a stop block to the fence so I could quickly register the length and still leave clearance between the fence and blade. The blocks just line up and fall off the table into the waste basket as they are cut. I ended up with about 2/3 of a 13 gallon trash bag of blocks.

Next up.

In recent years I've reconnected with my college girlfriend who as it turns out is in assisted living. She's a music lover and has been doing lots of quarantine time as many care facilities have. The last time I talked to her she hadn't been able to leave her room in 28 days. I decided she needed better sound than a boom box.

I had some $10 a pair DS135-8 woofers from the last gathering in Ankeny and some leftover $2 Peerless ring tweeters so it was time to use up all the small pieces of wood and veneer leftover from other builds.

They have removable bottoms.

I used four leftover pieces of quartered oak veneer. Thank god for cutlist software.

I crossed at 3K and ended up with 24db/oct acoustic slopes with a low parts count. The crossover parts are the only thing I needed to buy.

This is the sim of the crossover using measurements I took before I adjusted the port tuning.

This is the nearfield and port after I adjusted the port tuning. I like this little woofer. Really smooth response and gets down to 45 in .25 cu. ft.

They only have one coat of a 50-50 mix of natural and medium walnut Watco oil so far. As soon as the Watco is cured I plan to put a couple of coats of poly on them.

I'm looking forward to hearing these when the crossover parts get here next week. I have friends who can deliver them and they originally planned to leave on the 21st. I just found out they now plan to leave the 17th so it's crunch time.


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  • That's incredibly nice of you Ron!

    Very cool looking grain on the baffle.

  • edited December 2020

    Glad to see those woofers being put to good use.

  • They look really nice, what a gift! The timber and finish are just lovely.

    What tweeter is that, please? Just curious, as you don't see many projects with the DS135.


  • @GeoffMillar said:

    What tweeter is that, please? Just curious, as you don't see many projects with the DS135.


    It's a Peerless 840277 buyout from Madisound. I found one build using this tweeter from 2002. That was long enough for me to forget that they cost $10 instead of $2.


  • Thanks Ron

    The DS135s have very impressive Xmax and impressive bottom end, but apart from your build, I've only seen them used in a two way with a Vifa DX25; I'm sure your speakers will sound as good as they look!


  • Many years ago I built a pair of speakers with those woofers and some Dayton silky tweeters.

  • I packaged them up today. I only had about an hour to listen to them and there was no time to tweak the crossover. My old ears didn't seem to find the peak on the high end to be a negative.

    I liked what I heard and would use this woofer again if I wanted a compact speaker.

    I talked to my friend yesterday and she was still on lockdown. She hasn't left her room in 70 days.


  • 70 days!! Wow, that's a long time to be cooped up.

    Looks like a nice sounding speaker. I think the audiophile crowd would call that top end rise "air".

  • It would not surprise me if that rise was almost all gone a few degrees off-axis as well.
    I hope these speakers bring your friend many hours of enjoyment in a very trying time.
    Well done.

  • Nowhere in the same league, but I made an 'anti-virus' CD to try and bring a few smiles to neighbours when we were at the height of COVID lockdown:

    Tea Sam Brown
    Here Comes the Sun The Beatles
    Everything Reminds Me of My Dog Jane Siberry
    Hairspray Rachel Sweet
    I Feel Good James Brown
    Friday on My Mind Mona Lisa Twins
    Everybody Needs Somebody to Love Solomon Burke
    I Feel Fine The Beatles
    Bang on the Drum Todd Rundgren
    I Don't Need No Doctor Ray Charles
    Minnie the Moocher Cab Calloway and the Blues Brothers
    Mambo No 5 Perez Prado
    Me and Julio Down by the School Yard Paul Simon
    Tequila The Champs
    Walking on Sunshine Rockwiz
    Sunday Girl Blondie
    Good Day Sunshine The Beatles
    House of Fun Madness
    Louie Louie The Kingsmen
    Shiny Happy People R.E.M.
    Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand The Who
    These Boots are Made for Walkin' The Racoons
    Yellow Submarine The Beatles
    Blow Away George Harrison
    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Monty Python

    It was just a gesture but people seemed to appreciate it


  • I have also shared music to help people get through this.


  • Elinor and her new blocks.

    Great Uncle Ron

  • BTW the blocks take acrylic color very well. Another activity to do...

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