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joeybutts mini speaker

Wanted to work on this as an open design so that I can use community input.
I have some in-room measurements at 0,15,30 degrees. Db should be accurate as the measurements were done with as little change as possible and in some cases no change.
Please let me know if you need more measurements. I will post DATS next.



  • Depending on how measured we would need the woofer plus tweeter to calculate the offset. Are these gated raw measurements?

    I would typically get a near field on the woofer and use the baffle size and the driver dimensions on the baffle for the blending.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Subscribed. 😊

    I like this approach, hopefully learn something. Thanks Ken!

  • John, correct these are gated raw measurements taken at 32 inches from the baffle on the woofer axis. I will get a near-field measurement of the woofer soon, as well as a measurement of the baffle.

  • Are you sure these are gated measurements? The woofer response goes down to 10 Hz and looks like it includes room effects (i.e. reflections). What was your gate time and how close was the nearest boundary (e.g. floor, side wall or ceiling)?

  • Hey Ken! Any movement on this?

  • Apply more effort.
    Yes, last week I took all new measurements. Have not turned on my laptop since.

  • Yassssssss. 😍😍😍🀘🏿🀘🏿🀘🏿

  • Hey Ken! Any moves?

  • I have a few crossovers that I hope to try this week.
    Do you have a Bluetooth amp you want to use? If not I probably have something in my stash.

  • Awesome!!
    I have a KAB 60 (I believe it's the 60, def mono KAB board) I plan to use.

    Excited to hear what you came up with and what you think!

  • Hey Ken! Just checking in. Thanks!

  • Making some progress. This is what I have with 7 parts.

  • Is that with the tweeter polarity inverted?

  • I just noticed the same thing, LR2 I know better...

  • Better, not there yet.

  • Ill have to build this network this week and give it a try.

    I would appreciate any input.

    Simple lr2 woofer and tweeter with a Zobel to knock down the rising response on the tweeter. Left it a tad bright because this speaker will probably never be on-axis.

  • I'm not criticizing your work in any way, but I hate it when a tweeter HP does that between 2-4 Khz - I always want a tweeter to fall off smoothly at 12 or 18 dB / octave, but often I find a shelf like that. Is there any way to knock it down? Maybe an LCR conjugate for the impedance hump at Fs?

    Don, Donno, or "Hey you" all work for me, But never "Mr Johnson"
  • I had to use a 'cross-pad' method, which involves differing attenuations to either side of a 6dB xover.

    This worked in my Cecropia Supremes:

  • Ben, I got some weird phase issues when trying that topology. By the time the phase issues went away the results did not justify the parts count.

    RJJ45, you are not wrong... changed a few things got a very similar overall response with a much lower shelf. by the time I tank the shelf, I get a spike at 5k.

  • Mic check, 1,2,1,2....😊

  • Covid had me down for the last week but it did give me some time for building a crossover. Measure and listen this week. =)

  • Glad to hear you're ok Ken.

  • @kenrhodes said:
    Covid had me down for the last week but it did give me some time for building a crossover. Measure and listen this week. =)

    Take care of you! Just checking in. Thanks Ken!

  • Pretty much as expected.
    There is no bass to speak of but it is a pretty small box. I would recommend trying a few different stuffing options and making sure that it is sealed. The hole for the wires was causing some weird issues until I plugged it with bluetack. I suspect that the woofer might have a leak as well.
    I am happy to make any changes that anyone would like to suggest and listen to it both ways.
    I also have 2 ferrite core inductors in this as measured. If you would like air/iron cores I can make some this week. Just let me know. The ferrite was what I had available that I could unwind easily.
    Despite the lack of bass, they sound pretty decent. Not too many parts in the crossover.

  • Exciting! Thanks Ken! Yeah, I had ZERO idea the space that woofer needed. Do you think it would be worth my while to drop ship a nd140 to you and you are up for it? Just thinking if it would be that much improvement on the low end.....

    Let me know what you think. Did someone here just build a design with those drivers?

  • What might work better is a matching subwoofer. Turn it into a 3 way. Run the tweeter off one channel the mid off another and the woofer off the sub channel. I have a few drivers to try if you like that option.

  • Unfortunately not an option as I plan on this being a portable Bluetooth radio.

    You know what, leave it as is and let's see what I think. Dhar said something similar about the crossover he did for me for the css/wavecor radio I'm wrapping up and it actually sounds quite full with lots of mid impact.

    Thanks Ken and let me know what I owe you!! Can't wait!

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