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joeybutts mini speaker

Wanted to work on this as an open design so that I can use community input.
I have some in-room measurements at 0,15,30 degrees. Db should be accurate as the measurements were done with as little change as possible and in some cases no change.
Please let me know if you need more measurements. I will post DATS next.


  • Depending on how measured we would need the woofer plus tweeter to calculate the offset. Are these gated raw measurements?

    I would typically get a near field on the woofer and use the baffle size and the driver dimensions on the baffle for the blending.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Subscribed. 😊

    I like this approach, hopefully learn something. Thanks Ken!

  • John, correct these are gated raw measurements taken at 32 inches from the baffle on the woofer axis. I will get a near-field measurement of the woofer soon, as well as a measurement of the baffle.

  • Are you sure these are gated measurements? The woofer response goes down to 10 Hz and looks like it includes room effects (i.e. reflections). What was your gate time and how close was the nearest boundary (e.g. floor, side wall or ceiling)?

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