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Rick Craig

I saw on Facebook that Rick passed away yesterday (8/20) after a heart attack. He was a very influential member of our community who helped bridge DIY and commercial in a positive fashion.


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  • So very sad. :'( Rick was a fantastic designer and all-around great guy.

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  • Not only a prolific and accomplished "goto" guy for high-end designs, a truly nice and generous man. He will be missed. :'(

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  • Chuck just texted me this a few minutes ago.

    This is sad. Rick was one of the 3-4 people that were present at my first experience in hifi, about year 2000. I've told the story before a few times, but;
    We met in Ft Wayne down on HWY 24, IIRC. Rick was in town from NC visiting his folks in FW, who still resided here at that time. Jeff, Rick, myself and another fellow I don't remember met at Applebee's. 4th guy left after lunch. Rick's folks eventually moved to Indy where we also met once more about 2005.
    After lunch we went further into town to a HiFi shop which is now closed. I heard Jennifer Warnes played on B&W Nautilus 801, via a massive McIntosh tube amp. I was the inexperienced one here, and Jeff/Rick agreed that the treble was sssibilant, and that the bass was okay but didn't extend all that deeply for a 15" woofer. We all thought the mid was spectacular.

    He was what I consider one of my mentors, and will be missed.

  • OMG! That is very sad news! I've known Rick since 2002. Dennis Murphy did my 1st design and then he moved on to other projects as Dennis does. I became involved with Rick at that point, and Rick did several designs for me including the Omegarray line array I had for a few years.

    I hosted the 2004 Iowa DIY event in Altoona. Rick and Dennis both attended that year and I invited them to stay at my house since I was close, had extra guest bedrooms and I had made friends with both of them through DIY. Plus my wife is a great cook and enjoys entertaining, so it was fun.

    After the event, we all went to a nearby steak house for dinner and were joined by Jim Salk. That event is also the 1st time I met Curt. Since Curt was close, and I was very impressed with the designs I heard from him, our relationship expanded, and it all began. Anyway, a little history there.

    I agree with everything said. Rick was a very good guy and he'll be missed!


  • WOW! I'm crushed. Rick was genuinely a great guy. He designed a set of speakers about 15 years ago and we have stayed in contact ever since.

  • I never met Rick but have read many good things about him on the forums over the years.  Very sad. :'(

  • He will be missed. I remember the first and last time I met Rick , it was at one of my first IOWA DIY's . Felt bad for the guy when I saw him trying to haul in all his measurement equipment into the room, so offered to help, which he accepted. Mightve helped me get first dibs on his measurement equipment. Great guy , Im sorry to hear of this.

  • Jim- I remember those 2 pair of old bookshelf 3-ways and the Hiqtopias. I don't know if anyone else knows what I'm referring to there...

  • WTH, known Rick for the the past few years, what a shocker.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I never had the pleasure of meeting the man, but he has been a fixture and a class act for as long as I have been involved in this hobby; always offering advice and help to newbs and veterans alike. My condolences to those of you who knew him well.

  • Truly sad. I also never officially met Rick. Probably rubbed shoulders with him in Altoona in 2004, not knowing who he was at the time. But having heard a few of his designs over the years, I know he was certainly gifted and respected.

  • This is sad news. I met and had a nice conversation with Rick at DIY Iowa 2004 in Altoona. We had sporadic conversations since then, the last around the time of our speaker reviews at Audio Science Review. Rick reached out to me after the Helium review and we both vented a little. Shortly after, the Selah Integrity Monitor and modified HiVi DIY 3.1 reviews came out, so at least our final exchange was on a happier note.

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  • Bummer, never met him, but have always seen his name around.

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