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One cable to rule them all!

Some might have picked up on the Lord of the Rings title. Let's not throw each other into the fire of Mordor. 😂
I have an idea to help speed up some of the speaker swaps at the get togethers. A nice set of speaker cables with banana plugs on the amp side and Speakon on the other. The speakers would have adaptors that would go from speakon to pins, banana, or spades. The Speakons will help make sure that the amp won't get shorted and the addapters could be pre-installed making it a simple speakon connection once on stands.
What cable and what length would I need to make this work for the events? Would 12ft OFC copper be acceptable? Do most amps accept banana or should I get a speakon for that end as well?


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    I've thought about this more than once for my own use. It is a viable option.
    Of note though, those are not actual Neutrik parts and are Chinese copies. Caveat emptor.

    Oh, and 12 is usually adequate, and 10' minimum. There have been times that was not long enough, and 12-15' would have been better.

  • Absolutely use genuine Neutrik. The "other" brands have caused all kinda issues in the bass/guitar/PA amplifier side of things.

  • The only others I would consider are the Amphenol and Switchcraft models.

    Ken- you might consider a lead with alligator clips too. You never know when something will be 'different' from the norm.

  • Big heavy alligator clips on good cable.

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  • Thanks guys.
    Any links for high value parts would be appreciated.
    I have alligator clips that go over bananas. I'll use those as a last resort.

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    @jr@mac said:
    Big heavy alligator clips on good cable.

    Universal high end speaker cable:

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  • AC/DC O'Reilly Audio Parts
    Cardas will be pissed

  • Some of the jumper cables are copper coated aluminum.

  • Copper clad aluminum isn't always a bad thing. Not what I would use for hifi.

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    What jumper cables? I only see a high end speaker cable with strong alligator leads. I think you mean to say that some speaker cables are copper coated aluminum, and I suppose you could re-purpose them to jump your car in a pinch. ;)

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  • Nothing really acoustically wrong with CCA, but it doesn't handle being twisted and handled and bent all that well. More of a "install and leave it alone" kind of thing.
    There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of miles of aluminum cable laid out in the US.

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  • @jr@mac said:
    There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of miles of aluminum cable laid out in the US.

    And sadly, none of it has been cryogenically treated. What were they thinking??

  • The purity of CCA is a little bit of a concern. I know a lot of voice coils are CCA for heat dissipation.

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