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Open registration now active.

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After some discussion, we decided to ditch the invite system and open registration.
We will be verifying applicants and moderation will be a little more diligent.
Same primary rule applies: don't be a dick lol.
Nothing else will change, just might get a little busier.
Invite your friends, and let's keep this the best audio forum around.

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  • @jr@mac said:
    ... and moderation will be a little more diligent.

    Let's ban the F-word (just in case my wife or kids would like to read the forum)

  • Have fun with that... while I'd be fine with it, there are people behind this group that find it a perk of this forum.

  • I find it mostly PG-13 in here FWIW

  • And just to be clear, I wasn't calling anyone out or trying to insult anyone. It was a sincere request. Everyone on here that knows me knows I bring my wife and kids to every event. But I don't read the forum with them or show threads to them.

  • So your wife and kids never watch cable tv either?

  • No. We don't have cable.

  • One of the areas you’ll have to police closely is a WTB or similar post in the Classifieds. I stopped doing that on PETT because I got 3 scam responses - obvious but very annoying

  • I can't believe people still believe in "good" and "bad" words.

  • @a4eaudio said:
    No. We don't have cable.

    Me either. DTV over air is all I have for TV.

  • If you are reading this and registered, check your spam/junk folders.

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  • Let's shelve the swear word policing for now. There are specific existing threads that kinda provide an environment conducive to dropping an occasional f-bomb. Kiddos should not be viewing those threads anyway IMHO. Of course if things ever get nasty the moderators will switch it off immediately. We have only a few hard rules here and "not being a dick" is one of them. Ok I'm crawling back under my rock now. Ciao.

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  • best to take the high road, if one’s vocabulary permits

  • @jr@mac said:
    If you are reading this and registered, check your spam/junk folders.

    Not seeing anything JR, but then again not sure what I’m looking for.

  • Sorry, meant for new registrees. Y'all are cool.

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  • To clarify: registration is open to the public. No need to "invite" new members. If you'd like to suggest somebody register, that would be awesome. This goes directly to registration:

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  • Howdy, gentlemen! Thank you for the approval, and thank you Eric (6thplanet) for the invite! I'm the rascal that puts a bit of drums on Eric's fine compositions, and I've followed many of you, at a distance, for a number of years. Glenn.

  • Welcome!

  • Sup bro!

  • edited May 18

    Welcome Glenn!

  • Thanks!

  • Been lurking over here for a while, guess it's official now...

  • Fresh MEAT!

  • Again, welcome to our new members.

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