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What would you do?

Attention smart guys. I bought two of these fountek 8 in woofers at PE warehouse sale, 20 ea. When I got home I checked their response nearfield and liking what I saw, I left a message with Jeff. They ended up selling me the remaining six for 99 dollars. I would like to build a pair of three way towers for my youngest speaker buddy Aaron. Speaker buddys that are willing to travel with you are rare and need proper schmoozing, lest they drift away. While the frames are a dark silver grey the cones would match a MAC-05 or perhaps two MAC-04s in a MTMWW. What would you do?



  • FW-222 8 ohm 87 db

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    The MAC-04 is a 4 ohm driver, so running two in parallel might make a typical amp/AVR break a serious sweat. A single MAC-05 might keep up if you can keep overall impedance over 4 ohms - it is also a 4 ohm driver.

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  • I would prefer a response that started with the words, I would......

  • For example. I would sell them on Facebook marketplace.

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    I would consider using:

    Be a pain to flush mount, but offers high sensitivity for an 8 ohm driver, very smooth response, the motor has a shorting ring, and it is cost effective. Not a cosmetic match by any means.

    Alternatively, you could consider using a pair of these:

    In a MTMWW configuration. Little fellers but are fairly sensitive for a 3" driver. Not as cost effective as the Faital above but will meet certain requirements. With the small faceplate and extended response you can use a smaller tweeter like the Dayton AMT mini or something along those lines.

    I used the Fountek 8" (non grill version) in a 2-way at one point with the RS28F. It is a nice driver, but not a bass monster by any means. Maybe the grill version offers improvement in that respect. I'd be curious to see what alignment you come up with for something like this.

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  • I would do a TMWW. JR's recommendation of the MAC-05 fits the bill nicely. Match that with a nice dome tweeter and you could have something exceptional.
    Without knowing Aaron's listening space and equipment it's hard to be too specific.

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    I would:

    Or the SB26ADC since it is cheaper and appears to measure very similar, just black dome instead of whitish ceramic coating. These seem to be the best bang for the buck (for low HD, and potential low XO) tweeter I can find sofar. And keeps with the aluminum theme. I don't know how it sounds yet though.

    M: Single MAC-05

    W: Single FW-222

    Doing some quick estimations in winISD..

    ~2cf tower (1.7cf for the woofer) with about .2cf blocked off for the mid. This would get an F3 of ~33hz with a flared 3" port around 9.5"-11" long.

    Two woofers would need a pretty chungus cab. Not out of the question though if you tighten things up a bit. Could possibly use the same drivers, MTM the MAC-05 in series wiring. Don't gain any sensitivity, but after baffle step knocks the woofers back down the sensitivity should even out. Still boosting power handling to keep up with the woofers and maintain lower distortion levels.

    ~3cf cabinet (2.5cf for woofers) with ~.4cf blocked off for the mids. 4"x11.25" port for F3 ~37hz, but should get nice n loud. Xmax stays under control until 25hz pumping 100watts.

  • I would...

    Budget: TMWW with Dynavox LW5002PPR-S and Dayton ND28F-6

    Higher Budget: TMWW with Dayton Reference Paper mid RS150P-8A (note the 6" reference has the SD of a typical 5" driver") and HiVi RT1.3WE planar tweeter.

  • I imagine if your like the rest of us you have a stash of drivers. Post what your willing to use for this build.

    I would also consider a coax could be a cool looking tower.

  • I would. WWMT with the Fountek, MAC-05 and a larger faceplate tweeter.

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  • WWMT isobaric, use all 8 woofers at one time.

  • I was thinking it, but didn't think you'd want to use them all in one build. It does make for smaller boxes though.

  • I would try the MTMWW with the MAC-04s in series. It would look bad ass and I think if you crossed around the baffle step frequency, you could get away with it, sensitivity-wise.

  • Dan the man

  • Crazy 8 times 8

  • @Eggguy said:
    Dan the man

    Don't praise me yet - it will be close 😃

  • It seems to me that I could fill in the mid freq, if it dips too low, by employing a shallower slope on the woofers or even turn into a 3 1/2 way. I don't mind a nice broad BBC dip

  • @Eggguy said:
    It seems to me that I could fill in the mid freq, if it dips too low, by employing a shallower slope on the woofers or even turn into a 3 1/2 way. I don't mind a nice broad BBC dip

    Yeah, between some bandpass gain and the wider baffle needed for the larger woofers, I think you can get there.

  • Might want to measure these to see how real the sensitivity is. The grill gives it a bit pro audio slant so I'd might consider a CD and small horn to keep up with two mids.

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  • Ooooo, yeah, I'm with John.

    I can report the SB Audience 44CD-PK will comfortably get to 1khz with their matching 250 WG...

  • I would...

    ...explore a sealed TMWWWW with dome mids in 3 cu. ft. monkey coffins. Not that I think that's the BEST use of resources, but I haven't seen many "all in" attempts mentioned yet.

  • The Ciare 2" dome, or the HiVi 3" dome would be where I'd look in that case.

  • @ugly_woofer said:
    WWMT isobaric, use all 8 woofers at one time.

    I would also suggest using all 8 woofers, but if you plan to haul these to events, you might want to use lighter materials to build the cabinets. With a heavily braced 3/4 MDF tower type cabinet you are probably looking at 70 to 80 lbs each. For events, I don't like to go beyond 60 lbs or so.

  • Attention JR. So I was thinking about a 3 way sitting on top of an active sub. The sub would use two fountek woofers dual opposed, spiral TL. I was seriously considering using MAC drivers configured just like JR's TMWW. I could buy the kit from Jule, But I noticed that the sensitivity was quite low. So I guess my Question is why the series resistor on the mid?

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