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Quick Axpona 2017 tour

Classic Audio: big massive sound from horn loaded spkrs. Nice details and sparkle from the fostex super tweeter, full bodied effortless sound.

Seneca room, Magicco spkrs. Sounded good.

Salk sound, beautiful veneer and finish. Exotic and acrosia. Tl, 3in acrosia, 9.5satori (song 3 encore)

German physiks, Omni speakers 2 way spkrs. Wide range driver covering 220 to 24khz. And 12" woofer in the big one.  very all around floating sound.

Beolab, nice.... Very atmospheric 3d sound... Huge impact. Went from wide to narrow mode, the image tightened and became centered. Extremely detailed

Mbl speaker, not the huge ones, more Omni speaker. Omni floating sound. 4 way spkrs with woofers in the base no separate sub array.

Vivid audio g1giya. Beatles singing Michelle in mono, sounded a bit garbled, not sure the setup was good or the track? But looks good. Need more space bigger room.

Jolida room, von schweikert endeavour e3 mkii, sounding wonderfully, small room, small floor stander, nice impact and space.... Nice!!! Looks like vifa tweet, hivi lr6 mid and RS woofers!!! Maybe familiar sound. The RS woofers are moving like crazy... About to get slapped!!!

Daedalus poseidon v2 spkr. Interesting dual tweeter configuration. The box seems to have a built in toe in. Hardwood box with dovetail joinery. Looks like all pro drivers. Sounds decent.

Planter speakers for high WAF, outdoor weather proof speakers. Sounds decent. 

Let's try kef now. Blade n blade 2.  Sadly blade not playing, the bookshelves are. Huge room but the big spkr are not playing.... 

This was just the lower level. Lots to cover!!!


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